Customer Service Philosophy

Campus Rec & Wellness would like to provide you with a positive experience as you enter one of our facilities or attend one of our events or tournaments.  Below is our vision and what you can expect from the Campus Rec & Wellness team every time.

Service Vision: To be the healthiest and happiest part of your day


  1. Treat our users how you want your loved ones to be treated. Treat all users like they are the VIP (Very Individual Person)
  2. Look Sharp! Look alert, attentive, energetic, happy to be here and eager to serve.
  3. Remember the two most important part of the users experience, the beginning and the end!
  4. Learn something about the users and utilize that to make their experience special.
  5. You have the authority to make your users happy!
  6. Learn from our users. Learn their needs, wants, and ideas.  When the user wins, the Rec Center wins.
  7. Never say no. Always lead with what you can do for the user to fix their problem.
  8. Don’t be a stranger. Wear your name tag!
  9. Appreciate, recognize and encourage one another
  10. Be the expert! Know what is going on in your area and beyond!  Be a valuable resource.