The #WarriorRecGame is a competitive team-based, virtually interactive health and wellness social game designed to challenge participants to focus on healthy lifestyles by stepping outside their comfort zone and discovering new ways to become #WarriorStrong! Participants complete scaled challenges designed to maintain or improve physical activity, wellness, and awareness of the benefits that movement and competition can provide to everyone that participates in the challenge.

The Game

The game will be an 8 week competition that will go live on September 14th 2020 and will end on November 15th 2020.

Sign-ups will take place on IMLeagues and all players must join their team. Free Agents may sign up and a Free Agent team will be created granted there are enough people. Roster size will be minimum of 5 people and maximum of 12 people.

Participants will request challenges under the seven categories of Bike, Education, Lift, Nutrition, Recreation, Run and Wellness. This will be done so by filling out the “Challenge Request Form” on the right side of this page. The challenges will be unknown to players until after they request them. Players will pick their challenge based on how many points a challenge is worth. (E.g Choose “Run” for “50 points”)

Participants will receive an email to join the game on the Workplace App. This app is where the game will be hosted and where participants will post their completed challenges.


Players will pick challenges at their own pace from their choice of category.

Once the challenge is selected, details will be automatically emailed to the player.

Participants must complete or forfeit challenges which will add or subtract from their team total points.

Points will be assessed by dividing the amount of players on a team by the point total of a challenge. (E.g. Team 1 has 10 players. Player 1A completes a 100 point challenge. 100 points/10 players=10 points for Player 1A)

Challenges will be completed once proof has been shown on the Workplace App.

Forfeited challenges must be communicated to the gamemaster (GM) via email (slynam@esu.edu). Make sure to use the Subject Title of “Challenge Forfeit” ONLY.

Points will be awarded in order of challenges completed/forfeited.

Multiple challenges may be requested and submitted but points will not be awarded until previously requested challenges are finished.

Captains will be the ones responsible for communicating with the GM for any questions players may have throughout the game.

The game is intentionally designed to not include specifics. This is to allow for participants to create their own strategy surrounding certain challenges.

Bonus challenges may be thrown in to spice things up. Players are not required to fill out a request for these and will not lose points for not completing them.

The team with the most points will be the winner.


Game Resources


Challenge Request Form – This form will be available when the game goes live!

Contact Information

East Stroudsburg University
Campus Rec & Wellness
1282 Centre Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
(570) 422-2970 Campus Rec & Wellness
(570) 422-2900 RecB Fitness Center
(570) 422-2981 LSMO
(570) 422-2980 Fax