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Catch The Brain Wave

DJ: Rick Franzo – 2 time brain tumor survivor

Facebook: Catch The Brain Wave Official Page

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Catch The Brain Wave is a show like few others on the airwaves or on the internet!  This is a show dedicated to brain tumors and brain cancers!  This is a place where stories of survival will be shared, we discuss brain tumor issues, new treatment options, and bring not only awareness, but action, not just words! This is also a special place to support all those fighting brain tumors and brain cancers, admire and recognize the survivors, honor those who have been taken, and spread a message of HOPE! We also play some great music here too!




Sistah Chat

Facebook: Sistah Chat Official Page

Youtube: Sistah Chat Channel




DJ:  Producer / Host / Media Contact:  Madame Raine

“The Voice of Showered Blessings”

Guests Hosts:

.          Queen Karlene “The Voice of Hope”

.          Ask Aixa “The Voice of Reason”

.          Mama C “The Voice of Wisdom”

Every Tuesday at 4pm, Sistah Chat comes together to be a spirit-lifting, mind-enhancing pick-me-up that serves as a vehicle for the enlightenment of listeners who want to grow and evolve in positive and powerful ways at every stage of their human development.   The show’s Producer and Host Alicia Middleton (AKA Madame Raine), along with her Guest hosts Deborah Cofer (AKA Mama C), Aixa Reina and Dr. Karlene Ferron will be broadcasting live to educate, encourage, promote and support the campus and community’s ability to live their lives with passion, purpose and power.



Brian On Broadway picture SkylineBrian on Broadway

DJ: Brian Silva

Facebook: Brian on Broadway Official Facebook Page

Brian On Broadway is a one-of-a-kind show where you can hear several different Broadway cast recordings throughout the years. Join DJ Brian as he discusses the plot, the music, and news of his featured shows for the week. You can revisit Broadway’s special moments Mondays from 2-4pm on WESS Radio.



NY vs PHI Sports NY vs PHI

DJ: Jeff Quake and Michael Eccelston

Twitter: @NYvsPHI



A Fight to the Finish and a Clash of Titans!! Join Jeff and Michael on gameday as they mostly cover all New York and Philadelphia sports, but not forgetting the teams of the MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA.  The duo clash with their cities of choice and talk all the sport coverage needed to have a sports-filled weekend! The show airs Saturdays from 3-5pm and Sundays from 5-7pm.



The Soundwave

DJ: DJ Jam and DJ Tsunami

Facebook: The        Soundwave



The Sound Wave first premiered on October 21, 2013. Hosting the show are DJ JAM and DJ Tsunami who play a wide variety of music to their listeners. So kick back and catch some Sound Waves on 90.3FM.




The Motherload

DJ: Chris and DJ B-Boy Brandon

Facebook: The Motherload

A Musical Cornucopia! A Feast for the Ears! This is THE MOTHERLOAD! Providing 10,000% of your weekly dose of awesome! Covering everything from rock to rap to raggae to pop with witty banter from your co-hosts B-Boy Brandon and DJ Chris!



The Grunge Report

DJ: Greg Curtis

Join your host Greg Curtis Tuesday Nights at 8 pm for The Grunge Report. Enjoy the best grunge and rock music as well as funny news stories and everything new in science and technology. Its the perfect way to spend your Tuesday night, so make sure you tune in.



The Blacklist

DJ: Big C

Providing an hour of non-stop, mosh pit madness music that you could never show your grandmother! This Is THE BLACKLIST!



Symphonic Masterpieces

DJ: Mason Allen Buskirk

Symphonic Masterpieces is a classical program where one can expect to hear incredible pieces of musical orchestration. Each installment of this program explores a different theme, a different emotion, or a different part of the world through music by famous composing artists. Sit back, have a nice cup of tea, and let the symphonies soothe your worries away!



The Spectrum

DJ: Tim Brennan

Follow The Spectrum on Twitter: @TheSpectrum903

Inspired by a love for music and hockey, The Spectrum features a variety of music from the rock and metal genres. The music played spans several decades, from the 60’s to now and ranges in genres from hard, alternative and classical rock to nu metal and heavy metal. The show airs Monday mornings from 10AM-11AM.




DJ: Gmoney and Truth

Join Dj Gmoney and Dj Truth Thursday Nights at 10 pm on HanginBang. Its time to argue and fight over various topics from mythical creatures to science. Also featuring the best in R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Grunge, and Rock.