Rachel Robayo

Hola, hola, my name’s Raquel aka DJ Rocky from the Trash Room. Showtime is Friday, 10:00 PM. Shameless self-promotion, woo! Aside from loving music and being on broadcasting club, I also love drawing. Most of my art inspiration comes from anime because I’m trash. A lot of my time is spent with my earbuds in, listening to k-pop, and drawing. I run on caffeine and ramen. I love ramen and eat a (probably) unhealthy amount, whoops. Well, that’s me. Thanks for your time.


Owen Levan

Hi my name is Owen Levan, I’m white trash because I live at home in a trailer(not really). I go by DJ Owen Me Money and co-host The Trash Room with Raquel Robayo aka DJ Rocky on Friday Nights.

I’m a Digital Media Tech major who wants to be a filmer, but I’m still looking down avenues to see where I can take my filming. I enjoy playing basketball, strumming out a song on the guitar, skateboard, and brainwashed from rock and rap.