Dr. Marcia G. Welsh Inauguration

About the Logo:
Designed by ESU Associate Professor of Art, Darlene Farris-Labar, the inauguration logo is based on the event’s theme, Great Expectations, and Dr. Welsh’s vision for the future of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. The logo’s triad of vivid color symbolizes: the Delaware River (blue), which, like the university, is rapid and ever-changing; ESU (red), which celebrates the 120th anniversary of its rich tradition and history in 2013; and the flora of the Pocono Mountains (green), which surrounds the university and creates a unique and popular destination for our students and serves as a reminder of the greater community we serve.

About the Theme:
Great Expectations, the classic Charles Dickens novel about ambition and self-improvement may be a commentary on early Victorian England, but its theme rings true today at East Stroudsburg University as we celebrate the Inauguration of Dr. Marcia G. Welsh the week of April 1-6, 2013. Defined as a small university with great ambition, ESU recognizes the many opportunities for growth, success and achievement.

Great Expectations speaks with many voices. It is Dr. Welsh’s message of her personal vision for East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania and its student body; it is the voice of every student who eagerly anticipates a bright and promising future; and it is the hope extended by members of campus and regional communities that the university will continue to grow, thrive and help others achieve greatness in their own right. As we prepare to celebrate the arrival of Dr. Welsh, which coincides with the university’s 120th year in 2013, we know that ESU remains an unfolding story with a rich history and endless possibilities.

Each of the events planned during Dr. Welsh’s Inaugural Week will speak to the Great Expectations, we, as individuals and as a united group, have for the university under her leadership. Whether you are a member of our campus community or a friend of the university, we welcome you to celebrate these historic events and help map out the future of this fine institution.

Inauguration Address