ESU and ESU Foundation Announce Plans for Restructuring of Fundraising, Alumni Functions

Posted by: admin on February 4, 2014, One Comment

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania President Marcia G. Welsh, Ph.D. and ESU Foundation Board Chair Christian Steber ’91, announced today that select fundraising operations and alumni engagement will be transferred from the ESU Foundation to the university as part of an overall endeavor to reduce fundraising costs and consolidate philanthropic activities. Effective March 1, 2014, the university will assume primary responsibility for philanthropic and alumni engagement functions; while the Foundation will continue to handle accounting, scholarships and database activities.

“This decision is strictly operational and is intended to be a cost-saving measure for the university,” said Ken Long, vice president for administration and finance at ESU. “These changes in reporting lines will also help us to intensify the university’s relationship with alumni and Greater Pocono Community.”

According to Long, these “new” employees will report to ESU’s Vice President of Research and Economic Development, Ms. Mary Frances Postupack. “This is a perfect fit,” Long explained. “Ms. Postupack graduated with a master’s degree from ESU and is a mainstay in our regional community – everyone knows and respects her. She has a proven track record with our university’s initiatives relative to community outreach and research and economic development and so to challenge her with leading our re-created advancement team is ideal.”

“We’ve had many deep conversations with members of the ESU Foundation Board,” said ESU President Marcia G. Welsh. “This is something we have not entered into lightly. We are taking a close look at all positions within the ESU Foundation and are making every effort to identify appropriate Foundation personnel to become part of the new advancement team. However, we must be strategic in doing so, keeping in mind that this move is also intended to help the University meet its fiscal challenges.”

“The ESU Foundation will continue to play an integral role in the university’s fundraising,” said Steber. “Several employees will remain at the Foundation in order to conduct fundraising accounting as well as scholarship and database management. The Foundation will do all we can to help ESU build a sustainable, successful financial model.”

One Response to “ESU and ESU Foundation Announce Plans for Restructuring of Fundraising, Alumni Functions”

Robert O. Roberts

Posted February 5, 2014 at 4:29 PM

I believe this move is long overdue! While the Foundation served an important function helping to raise funds for the university it ignored the suggestions of alumni to plan and sponsor events aimed at providing alumni the opportunity to gather and celebrate their time at ESU. When raising money became the principle reason for holding alumni events, rather than providing the opportunity for old friends to gather and celebrate their memories of ESU, many alumni express displeasure with direction of the Foundation.

The cancellation of the annual alumni golf tournament is a prime example of the above. Because it would not generate the desired amount of funds decided upon by the leadership of the Foundation the tournament was canceled. No consideration was given to the event being a “fun raiser”, it was not seen as a event the Foundation could get involved in due to the financial issue.

Get the alumni involved in alumni centered events and I believe you will see donations increased!