ESU Honors Two Faculty as Distinguished Professors

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East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania will present its annual Distinguished Professor Awards to Patricia Pinciotti, Ph.D., professor of early childhood and elementary education, and Elizabeth Buzzelli-Clarke, Ed.D., associate professor of theatre, during an all-university meeting on Tuesday, September 1, at the Abeloff Center for the Performing Arts.

A member of the early childhood and elementary education department since 1985, Dr. Pinciotti served as chair of the department, faculty member and special assistant to the dean primarily steering the Elementary Education Professional Development School (PDS) fieldwork and program.  Dr. Pinciotti also provided leadership for the National Council Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) accreditations and established partnerships and provided leadership in her areas of expertise with educational institutions throughout the area.

As an academic, Dr. Pinciotti has developed her philosophy and operationalized it with a strong research base.  Her projects have included research in the PDS model, the impact of the arts, and constructivist teaching.  Important work through grants has also been an integral aspect of her work.  Collaboration with the Northampton Community College Art as a Way of Learning program has been ongoing since 2003 through grants from national, state, and private agencies.  She has also secured grants from the Heinz Foundation, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the university Faculty Development Research program.

Most recently, Dr. Pinciotti worked with others to promote the accomplishments of the College of Education.  She has provided her expertise and artistic talents to design Stories from the Field, a digital magazine highlighting the initiatives and projects taking place in our educational community.  She co-founded and designed the C.R.E.A.T.E. lab, a place for ESU students, staff and faculty to explore provocative ideas, creative inquiry and documented discoveries about learning and teaching. The lab provides materials, inspiration, and collaboration to advance innovation through creative inquiry.

Much like Dr. Pinciotti, Dr. Buzzelli-Clarke served the university for many years. She began her career at ESU in 1980 as the associate director of financial aid and coordinator of veteran affairs. She then assumed the position of university registrar from 1986-2001. Recognizing her music education background, the music department requested that Dr. Buzzelli-Clarke serve as a temporary faculty member.  In 2001, she accepted a full-time teaching position in the music department. She became chair of the department in 2005, a position she held for more than a decade. In her time as a faculty member, Dr. Buzzelli-Clarke founded and directed the ESU University/Community Orchestra.

Her creative endeavors in the performing arts and academic arena includes five piano soloist events, one vocal soloist event, four events as a choir member, 20 events as a piano accompanist, five productions as musical director, and 10 competitions as adjudicator.  Dr. Buzzelli-Clarke’s service has included participation in 13 professional and community organizations, including the Monroe County Arts Council, the College Music Society, and the Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts; she has served as a board member of the Pocono Youth Orchestra, the Sherman Theater, and the Buck Hill-Skytop Music Festival.

Thirty-five professors have received the Distinguished Professor honors since the award was established in 2000.Nominations for the award are submitted by October each year to the Distinguished Professor Committee, a group that includes faculty and administrative representation. The committee reviews the nominations and identifies the award winners during the spring semester. The committee selects two award recipients annually. Marcia G. Welsh, Ph.D., president of ESU, and Nancy VanArsdale, Ph.D., president of the ESU chapter of APSCUF, will present the awards.

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Christine Ferraro

Posted August 28, 2015 at 5:46 PM

Dr. Pinciotti is a true mentor and although her many accomplishments reach beyond what one would think of those of a typical teacher, at her core she is the consummate…….teacher. She teaches by encouraging, she teaches by listening, she teaches by example, she teaches because she is passionate her students love the art of teaching as much as she does. One could not help but to be inspired by watching her in her element…….the ESU classroom. Congratulations, Dr. Pinciotti.