ESU Students at Lehigh Valley Center To Conduct Healthy You Day for the Public

Posted by: admin on March 27, 2014, No Comments

The Lehigh Valley Public Health Alliance, a student group from East Stroudsburg University’s Bethlehem-based campus, will conduct its inaugural Healthy You Day on Saturday, April 12, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The event, which will be at ESU’s Lehigh Valley Center at 60 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa., invites the public to participate in this fun, enriching  and educational experience. 

Held during National Public Health Week, which runs from April 7-13, Healthy You Day will focus on increasing awareness and knowledge of preventive health behaviors which will lead to healthier lifestyles and choices. 

The various interactive and educational activities include nutrition promotion and smoothie tasting, diabetes self-management information, Zumba demonstrations, oral health presentations, stress management activities, STI/STD education, blood pressure screenings, household emergency preparation and other activities. Participants are invited to attend as many of the “stations” as possible and to complete anonymous evaluation forms before leaving the center. Incentive gifts will be offered to those who fill out a survey.

“Public health is misunderstood by most people,” said registered nurse Ann Fennell, who is a senior from Stockertown, Pa., at ESU seeking a bachelor’s degree in public health. “More than just vaccinations and water treatment, we want to expose the community to the vast range of information covered under the scope of public health and to encourage people to enthusiastically get involved with health from a broader perspective.  Healthy people make healthy communities at all levels – psychological, biological and social.”

In addition to presentations, there will be poster boards on display containing information regarding various aspects of public health ranging from childhood global diseases to the effects of environmental determinants on asthma prevalence in the Lehigh Valley. Brochure materials will be available in English and Spanish.

ESU’s Lehigh Valley Center provides residents the chance to obtain affordable, accelerated undergraduate degrees in public health, business management and computer security in downtown Bethlehem. In addition, individuals may get a master’s degree in athletic training and, beginning this May, may become part of the speech-language pathology graduate pre-requisite program. For more information about ESU’s Lehigh Valley Center, contact site coordinator Tom O’Connor at 610-419-0412 or