Faculty Members Publish Books

Posted by: Elizabeth Richardson on October 11, 2018, No Comments

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce that Kristin Noblet, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics and Bonnie A. Green, Ph.D., professor of psychology, have each been published recently.

Dr. Noblet and Dr. Green collaborated with John Protzko, Ph.D., researcher of psychological and brain sciences at the University of California – Santa Barbara to publish a book in statistics titled Assignments and Exercises for Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences. Published by Pearson Publishing, this second edition is an extensive workbook designed to be used by undergraduate students taking statistics classes to maximize their learning and understanding.

“The first edition of Assignments and Exercises has been used across the world, and yet, I knew there were ways it could be improved upon,” Green said. “In speaking with Dr. Noblet, I was impressed with her expertise in both statistical content knowledge and as a mathematics educator, understanding how to best assure student success at the highest level.” In the second edition, Noblet used her expertise in mathematics education to identify content that could be better supported through additional assignments. Her experience in mathematics curriculum development also contributed to the design and creation of new assignments. Specifically, Noblet worked through the existing assignments to identify surface level opportunities for improvement. She then identified gaps in the content coverage of the assignments, and crafted new assignments to fill those gaps and support student learning.

More information about Assignments and Exercises for Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences can be found on Pearson’s website, https://www.pearson.com/us/higher-education/product/Green-Assignments-and-Exercises-for-Students-for-Statistical-Concepts-for-the-Behavioral-Sciences-2nd-Edition/9780205797509.html.