Political Science Students Set to Present at Harvard Conference

Posted by: Elizabeth Richardson on April 11, 2017, One Comment

Two political science students of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania’s college of arts and sciences will present research at the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies at Harvard University in Boston, Mass., April 24 – 26.

Kimberly S. Adams, Ph.D., professor of political science, informed political science majors Christian Colon, a senior from Bethlehem, Pa. and Leah Walsh, a junior from Scranton, Pa. of the conference. “The overall objective of this conference is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on key interdisciplinary social science issues affecting law, international relations, business management, psychology, criminology, sociology and education,” Dr. Adams said. For her students, it is a chance to engage in meaningful discussions and showcase their talent.

Colon will present “How Experiential Learning Enhances Learning in Political Science.” His research uses data and observations from students who participated in the 2017 Presidential Inauguration Seminar in Washington, D.C., to test David Kolb’s experiential learning theory. This theory posits that “learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.” The expectations for the research and preliminary findings indicate support for David Kolb’s theory and suggest that highly impactful experiences when coupled with classroom learning tend to provide greater motivation for learning and campus engagement.

“Through the process of conducting research, I learned that the application of personal experiences helps to solidify the research. The overall process has brought a heightened level of understanding of professional academic research, for which I am thoroughly grateful,” Colon said. “I know I will use the skills and knowledge I gained as I continue my academic career.”

Walsh will present “Women in Politics: Fox News Influence on Viewers’ Perception of Hillary Clinton.” Her research examines whether the media’s characterization of women in politics affects viewers’ perceptions of female candidates. Using public opinion data and personal interviews, this research targets younger viewers of Fox News to determine whether the network’s coverage of Clinton influenced their perception or opinion of her.

“Conducting original research was new to me. The process was fundamentally challenging because it required me to adapt to a new way of writing,” said Walsh.

“Dr. Adams assisted me through the methods and procedures. Although the work was tedious and challenging, it was also very rewarding.”

For more information about the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies contact Adams at 570-422-3924, or email ksadams@esu.edu.

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Kimberly S. Adams

Posted April 12, 2017 at 5:16 AM

Great job, Christian and Leah! Shine on!