Weekly Construction Update (52)

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Following is a summary of the planned construction activity for the week of October 24, 2011

New Student Housing Project: – (Project Manager – Tom Bartek tbartek@esu.edu Tel: 3038)
Work on both buildings is progressing well and the envelope system is 99% complete for Building ‘A’ and 96% complete for Building ‘B’. The exterior building envelope, encompassing all building material, to provide a seal from exterior elements, is anticipated to be fully enclosed by the middle of November. Installation of curtain-wall (windows) installation for Building ‘B’ and exterior site work including finish grading and concrete work for sidewalks and patios continues. Installation of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Suppression Systems and installation of interior finishes including painting, casework, countertops and flooring material is advancing well to meet the project completion date. Pressure testing of the underground steam line was completed and outer metal protection shield around connecting joints is expected to be completed. Back fill will co-inside with this work and then steam pipe has to be energized. Geothermal well piping is complete and circulating water to the HVAC unit ventilators in Building ‘A’. General room clean-up, starting on the first floor, north side of the breezeway will begin including window cleaning. Additional work will include the construction of a new 600 S.F. storage building adjacent to Whitenight Field, and underground utility relocation for the Verizon cell tower between the east side of Building ’B’ and Smith Street, without any impact to pedestrian and vehicular traffic from University Apartments. Landscaping around Building ‘A’ will start this week as well.
Expected Impact: Minor traffic flow interruption may occur along Isabelle Street to continue street work improvements for concrete curb adjacent to the existing sidewalks and to create a new two-way vehicle entrance into the new Hawthorn parking lot (currently under construction), and through the Lenape parking lot for construction vehicle access to the infiltration Basin 1A. In addition, the asphalt walkway north of Dansbury Common, from Green Street to Isabelle Street will remain closed.

Monroe Hall Renovation Project: – (Project Manager – John Bloshinski II jbloshinski@esu.edu Tel: 3631)
In the Quad; geothermal well system horizontal piping to the building is expected to be backfilled this coming week. At the south side of the building; the elevator addition concrete walls are scheduled to be backfilled this coming week. Slate roof removal is expected to begin on west side of the building. Abatement continues on the first floor and is expected to be complete this coming week followed by select demolition throughout the building. Ground floor excavation/demolition within the building continues to create stepped auditorium. Sub grade utilities within the building are expected to be completed and concrete filled this coming week. First floor structural support work and third floor reinforcement expected to begin this coming week.
Expected Impact: Noise from backhoes installing horizontal piping and demolition activity.

Marguerite St. Parking Lot: – (Project Manager – John Bloshinski II jbloshinski@esu.edu Tel: 3631)
Work continues on the site across from the existing parking lot on Gwendolyn Street to create an additional parking lot for 102 cars. Back filling infiltration/detention system is complete. Stone base work continues and curb work is expected to begin this coming week.
Expected Impact: Noise, movement of construction vehicle around the site and possible dust.

Caution: You are requested to remain outside all construction fenced–in areas (especially around the New Student Housing and Monroe Hall Projects) and be alert to slow moving construction vehicles exiting and entering the sites. Please observe all construction rerouting signs and for you safety, we urge you not to walk behind parked vehicles along the north side of Normal Street and to use the south side walk along Normal Street adjacent to the Koehler Field House.

Should you have any concern or questions related to these projects please contact the respective project manager. Thank you.