Weekly Construction Update

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Following is a summary of the planned construction activity for the week of February 20, 2012

Monroe Hall Renovation Project:
(Project Manager – John Bloshinski II jbloshinski@esu.edu Tel: 3631).

Exterior masonry restoration continues. Installation of new exterior trim continues around the perimeter of the building. Ground floor excavation is complete within the building to create stepped auditorium. Mechanical and electrical rough-ins in the auditorium space are to be completed this week at the ceiling. The third floor drywall is to receive final coat of paint this week. Drywall instillation on the second floor continues; second floor drywall is 50% completed . . Metal stud framing continues on the ground and first floors. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough ins continue on the first and ground floors. The first floor window installation is complete and the windows installation continues on the ground floor. Building addition brick is almost 60% complete and is expected to be complete this week. Power outage is planned for south side of campus for Friday 2/0 from 5 am to 7 am. Buildings impacted include Koehler Fieldhouse, University Center, Eiler Martin Stadium, Mattioli Recreation Center, Shawnee Residence Hall, Laurel Residence Hall, Linden Residence Hall, Minsi Residence Hall, Monroe Hall, 285 Normal St., Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall, Center for Hospitality Management, Mitterling Field Storage.

Expected Impact: Noise from window installation and deliveries and power outage to listed buildings early am on Friday.


Marguerite St. Parking Lot:
(Project Manager – John Bloshinski II jbloshinski@esu.edu Tel: 3631)

Concrete sidewalk installation continues this week on the site across from the existing parking lot on Gwendolyn Street to create an additional parking lot for 102 cars.

Expected Impact: Noise, movement of construction vehicles around the site and possible dust.
Should you have any concern or questions related to these projects please contact the respective project manager. Thank you