Bibliographic Instruction Program

A bibliographic instruction or BI session may be requested by any ESU faculty member during the fall and spring semesters and for summer classes as well. These sessions introduce students in the faculty member’s class to library resources pertinent to the subject matter being taught and/or any course assignments.

Because instructional space within the Library and teaching equipment must often be reserved, faculty members who anticipate incorporating BI into their courses are encouraged to schedule these sessions as soon as possible. The minimum lead time required to schedule and prepare a BI is 1 week. Faculty members are also kindly asked to remain with their students during BI sessions.

Individual tours may be requested by any ESU student, staff or faculty member. Any member of the ESU community may also request individualized instruction on PILOT, the Library’s web-based catalog, as well as on any other of the Library’s computerized databases. Please phone the Reference Desk (ext. 3594) to inquire about these services.