The US Department of Education is reorganizing the ERIC service. At this time the ERIC Clearinghouses have been shut down and no new journal or document material is being added to the ERIC database. The final date for most material in the database is December 2003. E*Subscribe, the database that was providing full text access to ERIC documents from 1996 forward, is no longer available at ESU. The new ERIC service should resume in late September or October of 2004 and be fully functional by 2005. The URL for that service is

What does this mean for our Students & Faculty?

Journals: CIJE:Current Index to Journals in Education provided indexing and abstracting for articles in educational journals and was discontinued in print at the end of 2001, but included in the ERIC Database through the end of 2003. With the interruption in ERIC services the indexing and abstracting of the journal articles was also discontinued. To keep current we suggest the following:

Continue to use the ERIC database to cover the journal literature from 1966-2003. For the more current information use a combination of other database or print indexes that are available through Kemp Library.

Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)
Education Abstracts (EBSCOhost)
Psychological Abstracts (EBSCOhost) (for educational psychology, child development, etc.) Sociological Abstracts (for sociological issues in education)

Print Indexes:
Education Index
Exceptional Child Education Resources
Physical Education Index (for physical education, sports, health)

Documents: ERIC Documents and Clearinghouse Information

  • Continue to use the ERIC database, accessible on our databases web page, for indexing and abstracting of ERIC documents through 2003. We will be receiving microfiche through July of 2004. The microfiche of ERIC documents are available in Kemp Library.
  • The Educator’s Reference Desk ( This site replaces what was known as AskERIC and allows you to access an extensive collection of lesson plans. It also provides links to a wide variety of sources for education information.
  • Although the ERIC Clearinghouses were closed at the end of 2003 many of them do have individual web sites from which you can link to some of the information in their areas of coverage. Try the following link for a good list of the Clearinghouses and their web sites:
  • The URL for the new ERIC service is If you want to monitor the progress of the reorganization this is the place to go. By October 2004 they are hoping to have a new database functioning from this site.

Please refer to our web page for further developments. We’ll let you know when the new ERIC service is available for searching.