University Senate Membership (updated 06/30/2020)
Faculty of Arts & Letters Art and Design Melissa Geiger
Communication Studies Margaret Mullan
English Leigh Smith
Philosophy&Modern Languages Heon Kim
Theatre Christopher Domanski
Faculty of Social Sciences History and Geography Erin O’Donnell
Political Science and Economics Johan Eliasson
Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice Darla Darno
Faculty of Science Biological Sciences Tom Tauer
Chemistry Rene Fuanta
Computer Science Eun-Joo Lee
Mathematics Xuemao Zhang
Physics Robert Cohen
Psychology Paul Bartoli
College of Business and Management Business Management Daisy Wang
HRTM + Recreation Services Management Al Moranville
Leadership Studies & Military Science vacant
Sport Management Xiaochen Zhou
College of Education Digital Media Technologies Richard Otto
Early Childhood & Elementary Education Nurun Begum
Professional & Secondary Education Diane Holben
Reading Shawn Watkins
Special Education & Rehabilitation Heather Garrison
Academic Enrichment & Learning Jessica Santiago
Faculty of Health Sciences Health Studies vacant
Nursing Kelly Varcoe
Communication Sciences and Disorders Susan Dillmuth-Miller
Faculty of Human Performance Athletic Training Gerard Rozea
  Exercise Science Brandon Snyder
Physical Education Kevin Casebolt
Faculty, Non-Classroom Counseling & Psychological Services Samantha Williams
Intercollegiate Athletics James Galdieri
Library Elizabeth Scott
At-large Faculty College of Arts and Sciences (at large) Bill Broun
College of Education (at large) Caroline Dipipi-Hoy
College of Business & Management (at large) Minkyo Lee
College of Health Sciences (at large) Clare Lenhart
Non-classroom (at large) Jill Boyle
APSCUF APSCUF President Nancy VanArsdale
APSCUF Vice-President Andi McClanahan
Chair, UWCC Kathleen Duguay
Administration University President (non-voting) Marcia Welsh
VP Administration & Finance Kenneth Long
VP Acad Aff/Provost Joanne Bruno
VP Student Affairs (Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence) Santiago Solis
VP Res. & Econ. Devel. Mary Frances Postupack
VP Enrollment Management William Cheetham
Dean of Library Jingfeng Xia
Dean - Education Terry Barry
Dean - Business & Management Sylvester Williams
Dean - Health Sciences Denise Seigart
Dean - Arts & Sciences Andra Basu
State System Managers Manager Robert Smith
Manager Lonnie Allbaugh
Manager Brenda Friday
Unions SPFPA vacant
SCUPA Millie Roman-Buday
Coaches (selected by APSCUF president) Rob Berkowitz
AFSCME (master agreement) Lorraine Arocho
AFSCME (master agreement) Melinda Rosen
AFSCME (first-level supervisor) vacant
Students Student Senate President Leila Bouchekouk
Student Senate Vice-President Eric Hunt
Student Member, Council of Trustees Albert Rivera
Student (graduate, selected by Student Senate) Michele Conners
Student (selected by Student Senate) Loreylinnette Trinidad
Student (selected by Student Senate) Shelby Jimcosky
Student (selected by Student Senate) Kevin Davis
Student (selected by Student Senate) William Green
Student (selected by Student Senate) Jevon Mitchell
Student (selected by Student Senate) Mariah Ranton
Student (selected by Student Senate) vacant
Student (selected by Student Senate) Arshad Rivers
Student (selected by Student Senate) Amani Yeboah
Staff of President and Vice Presidents Offices Executive Offices Miguel Barbosa