Club Sports

Club Sports are student-run organizations that share a common athletic interest.  Depending on the club, its focus may be recreational, instructional, competitive, or a combination of these types of activities.

Typically, these are year-round clubs that compete in intercollegiate competitions on a local, regional, and national scale. Club Sports are supported by the Recreation Center and are under the jurisdiction of the Student Senate.

To help monitor the health and safety of our club members, a certified athletic trainer is on staff. All recognized Club Sports have the ability to utilize the athletic trainer’s services during open office hours, practices, and home competitions. The athletic training services are a collaborative project with the Athletic Training Educational Program and the Recreation Center.

Club Sport Contacts

contemporary danceContemporary DancersAsia Wright
Dance TeamMarissa Kvacky
EquestrianCayle Gilligan
cs_icon_gymnasticsGymnasticsCarlee Worman   
Men's Ice HockeyJoshua Barber
Men's LacrosseAngelo Altimari-Falsone
Tai Chi and Chinese Internal Arts sillouetteTai Chi and Chinese Internal ArtsAmir Amro
Men's RugbyTim Hinkle 
Women's RugbyLili Shuster
Ultimate FrisbeeChase Kyle 
Men's VolleyballLevi Armstrong

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