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The Recreation Center offers one of the most unique employment opportunities to students at ESU.

It employs over 70 students every semester who are directly responsible for the operations of the two recreational facilities and programs that include Group Fitness, Special Events, Club Sports and Leagues.

Through employment at the Recreation Center, students will gain and develop interpersonal and interpersonal competencies as well as critical thinking, leadership and professional skills that will prepare them for their future.


The Recreation Center will post position during the middle of each semester to recruit new student employees for the next semester.

Employment Recruiting Time Table
– Summer Employment: March/April
– Fall Employment: March/April
– Spring Employment: October/November

Are there Positions Currently Available?
Follow the these steps to see positions that have been posted:

  1. Go to www.esucareers.com
  2. Click Search Jobs
  3. In the “Search Departments” Box:  Choose “Recreation Center”
  4. Click the search button and a list of currently available recreation center position will be generated (Note: If the search does not return results, the Rec. Center is not currently hiring.)
  5. Click the recreation center position that interests you
  6. Read the posting details
  7. This will be the application for all positions.  When you apply you will have the ability to choose specific positions.
  8. Click Apply to this Job. (Link is posted on the same line as “Bookmark this Job” & “Print Preview”)
  9. If you have not registered for this site before, it will prompt you to do so at this time.
  10. Complete the Application.
  11. If you would like to apply for another job in the department, follow these steps again.

 If you are applying to work during the summer and are interested in fall employment, please ensure that you are applying for both position postings!


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