Warrior Cycling Classes

Welcome to Warrior Cycling! Warrior Cycling is the premier group fitness class offered at the ESU Recreation Center. The classes features a high energy workout to help you ride your way to a great figure.  If you have not taken a class and unsure of the experience, the first week of every semester is your time to take a trial ride for free with an exhilarating instructor!

Cycling Rates

Tour Pass $20 $10This pass allows the participant unlimited number of classes during a semester.
Ride Pass $3A one-time pass for a class. Participant purchasing this pass will receive a ticket for only the specific purchased class.

How to Purchase a Pass

  • Participant must be a member of the Recreation Center Department.
  • At point of purchase in RecB, the participant must have his/her ecard.
  • Participant can only purchase a Tour or Ride Passf or him/herself.
  • Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, or ecard
  • Participant must complete a Warrior Indoor Cycling Registration form.

Ticket Policy

  • All classes are a first come first serve basis. Participants are encouraged to arrive 20 minutes prior to the class he or she is planning to attend.
  • Present Ecard* to the front desk staff.
  • The front desk staff will look up the name in Warrior Cycling binder.
    • Once name is found, the staff member will provide participant with a cycling ticket and log the participation on to registration sheet. If name is not found, the participant will be asked to complete the Warrior Indoor Cycling Pass Registration form and submit a form of payment.
  • Participant then takes cycling ticket and proceeds to Indoor Cycling Studio.
  • Instructors will collect cycling tickets at the door of the studio.


  • Present Cycling Ticket. Instructors will collect tickets at the door prior to class. No admittance to participants without a pass.
  • Be on time. Participants will not be admitted into class after the class has started.
  • Clean your bike and area around the bike before and after usage.
  • Bring a water bottle and a towel to class. These items are REQUIRED to participate in a class.
  • Communicate with the instructor. If you need to leave early or are having difficulty setting up your bike, please inform instructor prior to class.
  • Cycling cleats are only permitted in the cycling studio. Please don’t wear in any other area of building.

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