Rec Sustainability

The Recreation Center strives to be a campus leader in the way that it operates. Green initiatives and sustainability efforts have been integrated in the day to day business. Everyone on the staff, not just the professional staff, have committed to making a difference both in limiting waist and reducing costs. The list below is the sustainability efforts currently employed within the department:

40% decrease in number of copies made

  • Distribute flyers on campus on 1⁄2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper. All campus wide flyer distribution is done on 8.5 x 5 .5 paper
  • Limiting access to the copier through issuing users codes
  • Copying forms in smaller quantities.

60% decrease in electrical costs

  • Changed all of the lighting ballasts and bulbs.*
  • Purchasing self-powered fitness (cardiovascular and strength) equipment
  • Purchased computer monitors that automatically turn off after a predefined amount of time
  • Installed motion sensors to turn on lights in all office areas, locker rooms and bathrooms.

20% decrease in the purchase of paper that include reams, posted notes and note pads

  • Use duplex printing on laser printers when possible
  • Re-using old flyers as scrap paper, note pads and leagues standing print outs.

Other Projects

  • Recycling bins are places strategically around the facility for paper and plastics
  • Purchase products, give-a-ways and supplies that are reusable, recycla- ble or are made from recycled materials
  • Host conference calls rather than off campus meetings
  • Maintain a digital signage communication plan to lower paper costs
  • Changed all sink faucets heads to low flow.*
  • Changed all paper towel dispensers to automatic feed with minimal distribution.*
 (*) Denotes campus wide projects. These initiatives have had significant impacted the Recreation Center due to the operating hours, size, and high usage of the facility.
Percentages are estimates from the 2008-2009 to 2009-2010 Departmental Budget. 

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