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Campus Rec & Wellness Department of Wellbeing programs are designed to support all dimensions of wellness. Choose a presentation from the list below or request something that will meet your needs and goals.

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Program Options & Ideas
  • BeYOUtiful: In this program we focus on individual self-acceptance and positive body image. Covering mental and physical health along with healthy dieting this program dives deep into your perception of how you view yourself and ways to improve your confidence.
  • Busting Out Stress Exams, papers, and deadlines stressing you out? Get tips and tricks for studying better, getting more sleep, and ways to manage your stress. Learn the ways stress effects your body mentally and physically and how a bad diet plays into your bad mood. Learn where you get help and how to use your resources to their full extent.
  • Germ Busters : Germs, germs, everywhere! Did you know that a man who had never been to Japan was found to have germs native to Japanese soil in his bellybutton? Find out this and the rest of the dirty truth in this germy jeopardy game, as well as how to protect yourself, one question at a time.
  • Keep Moving: We all know how hard it is to find time to take care of yourself in college – but it doesn’t have to be! At Keep Moving you’ll learn ways to exercise, eat healthy, and even get enough sleep (trust us, it’s possible), while navigating the college terrain. Let’s get moving!
  • Nutrition 101: We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15,” but soon it’ll be a thing of the past. Nutrition 101 is a crash course in healthy eating habits, how to read nutrition labels, and how to navigate the dining hall. Learn the effects of sugar on the body (with polar bears!) and effective weight management tips too.
  • Skintervention: In need of a skintervention? Find out what you need to keep your skin clear and looking its best. Learn a face-friendly diet for even the most sensitive skin, what types of skin you have and how to best take care of it, and even tips on what make up works best for you!
  • Sleep Tight Sleep Right: Did you know lack of sleep can lead to difficulties in concentration and reaction time? The dangers of sleep deprivation are real – so real, that going 21 hours without sleep is equivalent to being drunk! Let us tell you the healthy way to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • A la carte: Contact us and let us know a fitness/wellness topic that you would like to have presented to your group. We will put a workshop together to fit your needs and desires.

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