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Need help will an educational program or something specific for your group, club or department? We can come to you and customize an experience for health, wellness and/or fitness.  Choose from the list below or request something that will meet your needs and goals.

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Program Options & Ideas
  • Stress Management: Learn tools to prevent and manage potential stress
  • Yoga: This workshop incorporates total body flexibility, strength building, and stress reduction with an extra focus on the breath.
  • Zumba® : A fusion of Latin and International music that creates a “fitness-party” that incorporates dance, aerobics, belly dancing and muscle building.
  • Group Fitness Class: If there is a group fitness class you would like for us to bring to you…just ask! Class and equipment must be agreed upon before workshop is confirmed.
  • Fitting in Fitness: Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle while being able to fit it into a busy schedule.
  • Healthy Hearts: Our fitness staff will come take blood pressures’ and educate the group on healthy blood pressures ranges. Tips will be provided to stay in the healthy blood pressure range and healthy heart recipes will be distributed.
  • ConFITdence: This session discusses the importance of fitness and how it increases a persons’ confidence. We will also show you body weight exercises that can be done right in a dorm room, office, or outside. No equipment needed!
  • Chair Yoga: This workshop will provide the tools to relax right in a chair at your desk or in your living room.
  • A la carte: Contact us and let us know a fitness/wellness topic that you would like to have presented to your group. We will put a workshop together to fit your needs and desires.

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