A.W.A.Y. (Active Warriors All Year) is an initiative of the Office of Student Engagement which engages students in altruism and social justice initiatives.


AWAY Puerto Rico

March 9-16, 2019

AWAY Puerto Rico is an ESU initiative which mobilizes efforts to support the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria which hit Puerto Rico on September 20th, 2017. Hurricane Maria is regarded as the worst natural disaster on record to affect Puerto Rico. For Spring Break of 2019, 19 students and 5 faculty/staff will travel to Puerto Rico and collaborate with government and non-profit leaders to provide service relief in three areas:

  • Brigades: Providing training in CPR and Crisis Management to community members to help with current psychological needs, while preparing them for future disasters.
  • Seniors: Providing support to the most affected after the hurricane, we’ll serve by providing care and maintenance to their homes, while assisting with trainings in long-term self-care.
  • Conservation: Providing support by designing and replacing street signs that were blown away by the hurricane, as well as assisting in the restoration of a local state park.



Program is coordinated as a partnership between Student Engagement; Sociology, Social Work & Criminal Justice; Psychology; Art + Design; International Programs; and Athletic Training.


For more information contact Fernando Alcántar, Director of Student Engagement, at falcantar@esu.edu.