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Business Services

 We are here to help! Our staff will answer your questions and provide guidance through the policies and procedures regarding SAA funding.

General Orientation for Clubs & Organizations

Tuesday, September 3

Beers Lecture Hall, 2:00-4:00 pm

General overview of SAA policies and procedures. This training shares information about promotion, catering, reservations, Fall Grant funding opportunities, and other pertinent information for your club/organization.

Officer Specific Training

Wednesday, September 4

University Center, 2nd Floor, 4:00-5:00 pm

This training is designed to help club and organization officers understand their responsibilities and perform their duties.

WarriorLink Registration Deadline

Wednesday, September 16

Deadline to update your club’s WarriorLink information on club members and officers, along with a current copy of your club’s constitution.

Fall Grant Applications

Monday, September 16

University Center, Room #223, by 4:00 pm

Fall Grant is a funding opportunity for clubs and organizations that have a current year budget, but would like to fund new and pertinent items.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

University Center, Room #223

What We Do

Mission Statement: “SAA Business Services is dedicated to providing excellence in services, fostering active leaders, and promoting student success at ESU through the effective oversight of the Student Activity Fee, following policies and procedures regarding SAA funding while strictly adhering to generally accepted accounting principles.”

SAA Business Services is your club’s financial hub! We oversee the accounts for all SGA SAA recognized clubs, and also process the financial needs for operations of SAA, Campus Rec & Wellness, Stony Acres, Student Engagement, the Campus Card Center, and our ESU athletic teams!




Here you’ll find the procedures and forms needed for many of your club activities, events and travel.

Club Finances

Here you’ll find important information regarding club finances, processes, and financial responsibilites.

Sales & Sign Ups

Here you’ll find information about trip sign ups, stamps, Pocono Pony passes, and discounted movie tickets.

Meet Our Team

Jan Dalton

Jan Dalton

Director of Business Services

Jan joined us in 2004 as a Fiscal Technician with 22 years of accounting experience.  In 2016, she moved into her current position.  In this role, one of her favorite things is working with students co-advising the SGA Finance Committee and overseeing the budget allocation process. Outside of the office, she enjoys walks in the woods, kayaking on the river, and time with her family.

Sharon Wary

Sharon Wary

Account Manager

Sharon joined us in 2007, bringing with her six years of accounting experience in the accounting field. Besides having a love of numbers and an eye for detail, Sharon loves anything outdoors, especially hiking, exploring new areas with her trusty dog Piper by her side and spending time with her grandchildren.

Doreen McCord

Doreen McCord

Account Manager

Doreen joined us in 2016, bringing with her 20 years of accounting experience.  One of Doreen’s many duties includes keeping our SAA employees happy by making sure we all get paid!  In her spare time, she enjoys quality time with her family playing games and watching movies.

Renée Keiper

Renée Keiper

Administrative Assistant

Renée joined us in 1987 as a Fiscal Assistant in Business Services. After earning her dual degree in Business Management and Economics, she became a Fiscal Technician. She later took the position of Administrative Assistant after a reorganization of the office in 2004.

Renée’s favorite past times are singing alto on her church choir, painting, game nights with friends and family, and especially riding the open road with Jerry on their Harley Davidson.

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