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Payment Vouchers

This form is needed to process all club expenditures.

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Payment Voucher

A Payment Voucher is needed for all club expenditures, such as:

  • If you need to make a payment for an invoice you received
  • If a club member needs a reimbursement for purchasing an item for the club
  • If you need to request an advance, so that an online transaction can be completed
  • If you need to transfer money to the Graphics Center to pay for your club promotional material

A Payment Voucher is used for both Budget Accounts and Club Accounts and it is the only way funds can be disbursed from either type of account.

  • Documentation for the expense must be attached to the voucher
  • The voucher must be completed in its entirety
  • A club officer and the club advisor must sign the voucher


  • Click here to complete Payment Voucher
  • Save completed Payment Voucher to your computer
  • Email completed Payment Voucher along with documentation to Sharon Wary at

Check Issuing Process:

  • All payments are made in the form of a check
  • The Business Office issues checks on Mondays and Thursdays each week
  • Vouchers must be received by the Business Office by 12:00 noon on Friday to receive a check on Monday and by 12:00 noon on Wednesday to receive a check on Thursday
  • Check are typically ready after 3:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays

Financial Worksheets

The worksheet is used to record all the club/organization’s transactions. 

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The worksheet should be passed down from treasurer to treasurer.

We have several Financial Worksheet Templates available:

Club Travel

Whether traveling to a conference, game, or on a field trip, travel forms must be completed before traveling.

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Travel Log

Any SAA recognized club or organization that plans to travel MUST complete a Travel Log before traveling. This form requires all information that is needed in the case of an emergency. Any club traveling without submitting a completed Travel Log to SAA Business Services BEFORE traveling, will not be eligible for reimbursement of travel cost.

Download Travel Log here.

Travel Waiver

Students may be required to complete an annual travel waiver on WarriorLink when registering as a club member. If a Travel Waiver was not completed at that time, one must be completed by each person participating in club travel.  If a completed waiver is not on file, travel permission will be denied.

Download Travel Waiver here.

Only one waiver per person is required per academic year.

Event Prep

Learn about contracts, W9’s, and other required forms needed when planning your event.

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Check List

This document gives you the list of forms you may need to plan your event. Check off what pertains to yours, and make sure they are initiated and submitted on time.

Download Check List here.

Standard Contract

Any outside vendor (speaker, DJ, performer, novelty items, etc) requires a contract. It is strongly recommended that you begin the contract process at least one month in advance of the event. Contracts must be signed by both the vendor and authorized SAA representatives. SAA will not sign contracts after the event has taken place. Payment will not be made in the absence of a completed contract. Organization representatives, advisors, and student leaders are not authorized to sign contracts. It is important to note, a payment voucher will still need to be completed to process payment.

Download Standard Contract here.


An IRS W-9 form is required if you plan to pay an outside vendor. For this reason, a W-9 should be completed any time a contract is completed. All applicable information must be filled in and the vendor must sign the form. Once a W-9 is completed, it will be kept on file for the calendar year.

Download W-9 Form here. And view W-9 instructions here.

Contract Rider

If the vendor has it’s own contract, theirs may be used in conjuction with the SAA Contract Rider. Please visit the SAA office to determine if a rider is necessary.

Download Contract Rider here.

For any questions concerning contracts or accompanying forms, please visit the SAA office (University Center, Room #223).

Catering Waiver Form

ARAMARK-ESU Dining is the contract food provider for East Stroudsburg University. All food and Beverages for events and fundraisers on the ESU campus are to be purchased and/or approved through Campus Dining.

  • Student groups wishing to request an exemption must complete the waiver form and submit it to the Catering Office (located inside Dansbury Comongs-first door on the right) at least 15 days prior to the event.
  • Forms submitted under this time period, or without the signature of the space coordinator, WILL NOT be considered.
  • You will ALSO NEED documents from your food vendor: Current Serve Safe Certificate, Current Date Food License, and Current Business License (approval for outside caterer WILL NOT be given without all three documents).

Download Catering Waiver form here.

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