Clubs & Organizations

Participation Incentives

Participate and Earn Rewards

Clubs and Organizations can earn money rewards for participating in a number of training sessions or by completing tasks and participating in events.

List of qualifying categories for rewards:

Category Code
Organization Orientation A
Office Specific Training for Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers B
Budget Workshop C
T-Shirts Purchased D
Attendance at ESU Summits (September, October & November) E
Registering Community Service F
Posting Event to Warrior Link G
Bonus H

Rewards and Guidelines

List of Clubs and Rewards

Updated: 5/6/20 

Organization Name $0.00
Accounting Society $0.00
Active Minds $0.00
American Marketing Association $0.00
Anime Club $0.00
Art Association $0.00
Athletic Training Student Club $0.00
Autism Speaks U 1 $10.00
Best Buddies $0.00
Biology Club $0.00
Biotechnology/Medical Technology Club 1 $10.00
Black Student Union $0.00
Calliope Literary Magazine $0.00
Campus Activities Board 1 $10.00
Chemistry Club $0.00
Chinese Club $0.00
Christian Fellowship 1 $10.00
College Democrats $0.00
College Republicans 1 $10.00
Colleges Against Cancer $0.00
Community Health Organization 1 $10.00
Commuter Council $0.00
Computer Science Organization $0.00
Contemporary Dancers $0.00
Council for Exceptional Children $0.00
Dance Team 1 $10.00
DESI Student Organization $0.00
Entrepreneurship Club $0.00
Environmental Club $0.00
Equestrian Club $0.00
Esports $0.00
ESU Game Society $0.00
ESU Perectionknits $0.00
ESU Men’s Rugby $0.00
ESU Ultimate Frisbee Club $0.00
ESU Women’s Rugby Club 1 $10.00
Euclids Elements (Math) $0.00
Exercise Science Club $0.00
Feminist Alliance $0.00
Gymnastics Club $0.00
Health & Physical Education Club $0.00
History Club $0.00
Honors Student Association $0.00
Hotel Restaurant Club $0.00
Human Resource Management Club $0.00
Ice Hockey Club $0.00
International Students Organization $0.00
Jewish Student Organization $0.00
Latin American Association $0.00
Living Poets Society $0.00
Marine Science Club $0.00
Media Production Club $0.00
MedLife East Stroudsburg University $0.00
Men’s Lacrosse Club $0.00
Men’s Volleyball Club $0.00
Musical Theatre Organization $0.00
Muslim Student Association $0.00
National Council of Negro Women 1 $10.00
National Student Speech, Language, Hearing Association $0.00
Outings Club $0.00
People Representing Individual Diversity in Education $0.00
Political Science Club $0.00
Pre-Law Society $0.00
Pre-Med Club $0.00
Pre-Physician Assistant Club $0.00
Professional Theraputics Club $0.00
Psychology Association $0.00
Public Relations Student Society of America $0.00
Rehabilitative Services Student Organization $0.00
Residence Hall Association $0.00
Rotaract $0.00
Sign Language Club 1 $10.00
Society of Physics Students $0.00
Sociology Social Work Criminal Justice Club $0.00
Spanish Club $0.00
Sport Management Club $0.00
Stage II $0.00
Student Government Association $0.00
Student Nurses Association $0.00
Student Pennsylvania State Education Association $0.00
The Stroud Courier $0.00
University Bands $0.00
Veterans of ESU $0.00
Vocal Variations $0.00
Voices of Triumph Gospel Choir $0.00
WESS FM Radio $0.00
Women in Information Technology $0.00
Xplosion Step Team $0.00















Student Organization Participation Incentives

The purpose of this program is to offer financial incentives for student organizations to take part in selected programs for which the Student Activity Association (SAA) and Student Senate have determined to be priorities.  Incentives will be transferred to the organization’s SAA held club account at the end of each semester.  It is not be open to fraternities, sororities or honorary societies. 


  1. Attendance at Student Organization Training Sessions

There are three training/orientation sessions held during the Fall semester:  Student Organization Orientation, Officer Specific Training, Budget Orientation Workshop. This will be documented through attendance sign-in sheets.

  1. Purchase Organization funded T-shirts

The funds provided for student organization to purchase T-shirts is intended for them to be used throughout the year to promote their organization throughout the year.  This will be documented by those who have submitted a t-shirt purchase voucher by December 15.

  1. Attendance at ESU Summit meeting

The ESU Summit meetings are intended to be an opportunity to offer training for club officers, provide a forum for organizations to share information on their upcoming programs and activities, discuss topics of mutual interest and seek out opportunities to collaborate on programs and activities. This will be documented through attendance sign-in sheets.

  1. Registering community service activities in which the organization was involved

Being able to document the service activities of our students has become an increasing priority for the University.  This will be verified through the Student Organization Community Service Registration Form.

  1. Posting events to WarriorLink

Student organizations are utilizing more of the functionality available on WarriorLink. With the promotion of CORQ as an extension of event promotion, increasing the number of events being posted will extend WarriorLink’s usage and a make it a destination for involvement information. The incentive would be for an organization to post at least five (5) events (either campus-wide or for their organization) to WarriorLink.

  1. Submit nomination for the Student Organization Awards

With the introduction of The Student Recognition Awards, the Student Organization Awards have received a greater profile.  This incentive is intended to reward those who submit a nomination form.

  1. Spend at least 90% of allocated funds by May 1

There has been increasing concern about student organizations not spending allocated funds. This incentive is intended to reward those who spend their allocated funds.

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