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The Diversity Certification is purposed to foster an understanding of one’s multiple identities and how those intersecting identities impact the world around them. This certification is also purposed to help students define themselves as a global citizen going beyond the realities of the United States. The Diversity Certification is sponsored through programs developed within the Office of International Programs, Center for Multicultural Affairs and Inclusive Excellence, Gender & Sexuality Center, and OASIS.


Ten points are required to earn the Diversity Certification. Approved programs will be posted on the Leadership By Design WarriorLink site, which will include:

A) Study Abroad Programs

4.1 Travel abroad via an ESU program (either alone or a faculty-led trip) (5 points)

Click here to learn more about Study Abroad at ESU.

B) Scheduled Programs

4.2 Attend an approved heritage program (1 point each, 2 points max)

4.3 Attend an approved Gender & Sexuality Center program (1 point each)

4.4 Attend 1 Diversity Retreat or Conference (2 points)

4.5 Attend an approved OASIS program (1 point)

C) Training

4.6 Attend an Ally/Safe Zone training (1 point)

4.7 Attend a Diversity Dialogue Project program (1 point)

D) Volunteer

4.8 Volunteer for the Buddy Program (2 points)

Click here to learn about the Buddy Program and sign up.

4.9 Volunteer for at least one International Student Orientation (1 point, 2 points max)

Contact International Programs at (570) 422-3527 to sign up.

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For questions or feedback, please contact Fernando Alcántar, Director of Student Engagement, at falcantar@esu.edu.

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