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Wellness Certification Path

Through the Wellness Certification, individual students and student organizations will have the opportunity to learn about basic wellness and responsible behavior choices. They will be able to set up personal fitness goals and learn about responsible decision making when it comes to suicide prevention, sexual health, alcohol and other drugs. The Wellness Certification is sponsored through programs developed within Campus Rec & Wellness and Wellness Education & Prevention.


Ten points are required to earn the Wellness Certification. Approved programs include the following, and can be completed through:

A) Scheduled Events

See the list below, or visit WarriorLink to see upcoming qualifying events.

2.1 Attend one approved Wellness Education & Prevention Program (1 point)

2.2 Attend one approved Campus Rec & Wellness program (1 point)

2.3 Group Fitness session (1 point)

Click here to see the Group Fitness Schedule. Only classes of 45 minutes or more qualify for this section. One class minimum.

2.4 Sport Activities participation (2 points)

You can participate in one or both of the following areas to fulfill this requirement:

– Participation as a member of a Club Sport.

– Participation in a League or Tournament.

B) By appointment only

Contact Campus Rec & Wellness at (570) 422-2970 to set up an appointment.

2.5 One-on-One Wellness Goal Setting Meeting (1 point)

2.6 Fitness Assessment (2 points)

– 1 hour—Initial Assessment (1 point)

– 1 hour—6 week follow up Fitness Assessment (1 point)

C) Online

2.7 Ask. Listen. Refer (1 point)

Click here to take the online course.

2.8 Request a Condom-Gram (1 point)

Click here to participate in Condom-Gram.

2.9 Participate in ScreenU (1 point)

Click on the link to complete the three platforms, print or download the certificates, and email them to Laura Suits to get credit. This will serve as confirmation when you fill out the submission on WarriorLink.




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For questions or feedback, please contact Fernando Alcántar, Director of Student Engagement, at falcantar@esu.edu.

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