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Topics in Communication & Creativity:


Carnival games

Title: Go Anywhere Games: You build it you present it you are awesome!

Presenter: Joe Akob, MS

Description: Want to bring flare to a promotion table?  Coordinating a carnival games event and need an ideas?  If so, then this presentation is a must see.  This experience will provide attendees with more than 13 different carnival style game that are easy to build, purchase, or administer.  All of the games are easily adaptable for ages and special needs populations. Each participate will leave the room with a brochure outlining each of the games from the equipment needed, costs, set-up, rules, scoring to safety.  There is nothing like having a great bag of tricks and here is the opportunity to get your first bunch or add to your collection.

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Creativity Cafe

Title: Creativity Cafe: Coming Up with Breakthrough Ideas through the Power of Synergy

Presenter: Fernando Alcántar, MA

Description: Let’s put our minds together to come up with new ideas thatwill blow our socks off! In this interactive, brainstorming, up on your feet activity, we use the full power of synergy (where 2+2=7). We use innovation and mobility to make those creative juices flow and come up with something new, fresh, and exciting. “Oh my gosh, how did we not think of this before?” will be a common phrase after this.

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Title: Creating Simple but Effective Flyers

Presenter: Joe Akob, MS

Description: Whether it is your first attempt at a flyer or you are looking to make one better, this presentation will discuss the essential steps to take to produce a flyer that people are drawn to look at on a wall.  Everyone has a template on their computer and when you are done using it, it really does not express you or your organization.  The presentation will teach participants how to plan what they want from the flyer, use tools to create the flyer, understand and ensure the essential information is clear and correct, how to use font types and sizes, ways to select images and ways to distribute the flyer on campus.  Participants will be able to discuss the importance of one of the 6 steps in the process, how to choose the correct font size in relation to the flyer and where to find the best pictures.

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