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Topics in Finances & Budgeting:


Title: Budgeting Techniques and Tips for the Real World

Presenter: Paul Culbertson, MS

Description: Graduation will happen. Have have you sat down to figure out the real world and the bills that will come with it?  This presentation will provide participants with tips and techniques to better understand what to expect when buying that new car, renting that first apartment, and other important decisions that come once you land your dream job!

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Title: How to Build the Ultimate Budget Request

Presenter: Joe Akob, MS

Description: Do you need to put a budget together and do not know where to begin, what to look for, and how to support it?  This presentation will provide the participants with the step by step process to create a budget request in any setting.  From program to departmental budgets, the universal stages will help the notice and expert create a budget that will accomplish outline goals and needs for the future year.   Though attending the session, the participants will be able to identify 4  of the 5 stages in developing a budget, discuss how staffing impacts a budget, will be able to define the difference between revenues and expenses and will create a sample budget with six line items.  This session is excellent for the experienced budgeter or for a person’s first experience.

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