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Topics in Organizational Leadership:


3 Lenses

Title: The Three Lenses of Organizational Analysis and Action

Presenter: Fernando Alcántar, MA

Description: Three blind men touched an elephant and all had a different experience. One grabbed the tail and said it felt like a piece of rope. The second felt the elephant’s side and said it was like a wall. The third felt the elephant’s truck and said it was like a pipe. Each was right, but each was also incomplete. In this seminar we learn the three lenses needed to analyse a business, a program, or to plan a presentation model that anticipates questions from stakeholders who view the issue from different angles. You will be ready with the answers before they can even think of the questions.

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Strategic Planning

Title: Strategic Planning: The Essential Road Map for Every Organization

Presenter: Joe Akob, MS

Description: It is not just two words or even close to a useless exercise.  It is creating an impactful plan on where you want your organization be, how you what to be viewed and measuring that you are there.   This session will give the participant an understanding of the process in which a strategic plan is developed from start to finish.  It will unveiled how the effects of the plan drive decision making and priorities for allocating resources.  The presentation will use strategic plans examples from campus that include ESU, Divisional and Departmental plans.

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Stages of Change

Title: Stages of Change: How do I get from point A to point Fabulous

Presenter: Fernando Alcántar, MA

Description: Change is not happening soon enough? Nobody seems to have a clue of how to get the impossible done? How do I get from point A to point Fabulous? In this seminar we explore John P. Kotter’s revolutionary Stages of Change. You’ll be able to develop a long term strategy, with short term goals, and long-lasting change for your organization. You’ll learn how to prevent organizational culture shock, and create an environment that welcomes change. Go back to the drawing board with a solid sense of accomplishment with this real-world, business consulting session. As for your dreams, you will leave with one thought, “It will happen!”

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Customer Service

Title: Customer Service

Presenter: Jill Harper, MS

Description: It is Everyone’s Job:  Learn skills to increase the understanding of the value customer service plays in your everyday interactions with your “internal customers” and your “external customers”.

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