Daria Wielebinski, BA

Daria W
Daria Wielebinski, is ESU’s Director of the Career Development Center and has been in this role for 3 ½ years.  As director, she is responsible for strategic leadership and management of the ESU Career Development Center. Daria joined ESU in 2007 as the faculty search and recruitment coordinator and was the interim director for workforce development.

Daria brings to this position more than 35 years of professional experience in career development professions that include recruiting, diversity, marketing and business management in both the higher education and corporate settings.  While working with major corporations, Daria was responsible for building close and lasting relationships with career service programs at other colleges and universities.  She also worked collaboratively with private and public businesses and service organizations as well as developing rapport internally with employees.  All of these efforts have enabled Daria to cultivate partnerships, foster public visibility, promote services and provide opportunities for educational growth, mentoring and skill building. These assets, along with her vast network of employer relationships, are sure to provide our students with excellent opportunities for growth and career development.

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Leadership Skills


Title: Professionalism — Making You Stand Out from the Crowd

Presenters: Daria Wielebinski

Description: Students will learn the importance of developing their attitudes, capabilities and qualities to become an effective professional in whatever field they choose.  A commitment to developing personal professionalism means a commitment to continuous self-development.  Develop your own representation of professionalism to stand out from the crowd.  Plan to have a conversation as to how you can be a more professional student and how the definition of professionalism will change as you enter new phases of your life.

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Take Charge

Title: Take Charge

Presenters: Daria Wielebinski

Description: You are in the process of gaining the last bit of knowledge you will need to enter the workforce.  Finding and obtaining employment after you graduate is one of the most important steps in your future.  This workshop will help you capitalize on your education through assisting you in building the skills and documents you will need to succeed professionally.  An overview of resume writing, interviewing, professional networking, as well as the importance of LinkedIn.  Take charge of your professional future today.

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