Welcome to the CliftonStrengths resource center for programs, trainings, and information at ESU!

The Student Activity Association is dedicated to the support of East Stroudsburg University students’ leadership and development.  Through myStrengths, students will be exposed to strengths discovery, development, application and relationship building that has been researched to show evidence of enhanced self-efficacy and engagement.

With CliftonStrengths assessment results and the StrengthsQuest Educator workshops, students will be provided with the tools to:

  • Increase engagement in college.
  • Help succeed in academic goals.
  • Improve and deepen relationships.
  • Provide guidance and ideas for your career.

The CliftonStrengths for Students® talent assessment, based on the concept of intentionally developing your strengths rather than your weaknesses, identifies students’ Top 5 Signature Themes from a list of 34 talents. CliftonStrengths is used across the world in large and small businesses and non-profit organizations. The myStrengths portal provides resources for exploring your Top 5 Themes and how to leverage your strengths to overcome challenges and reach your own personal, academic, and career goals.

This web site is a portal to useful resources, workshops, and individual one on one Strengths Coaching sessions that can aid in the enhancement of the students’ college journey through the myStrengths experience.

To book myStrengths, please fill out the request form.