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myStrengths is one of ESU’s leadership development programs. The program utilizes the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment to assist individuals in discovering their top five signature themes. The tools provided after taking the assessment is only the beginning of the journey for self discovery. Utilize Gallup trained Strengths coaches to grow your signature themes into strengths!



Individual coaching sessions will provide you one on one time with a trained Gallup Clifton Strengths Coach to focus on the development of your signature themes into strengths. The coach will assist you in the journey of Naming, Aiming, and Claiming your signature themes. These sessions last one hour and will provide you with resources, tips, and exercises to work towards discovering your innate talents and potential for strength.


Use the group coaching sessions to find the magic your team can create when everyone focuses on their talents and celebrates each others skills. Theses sessions can assist the team in approaching current challenges, future goals and helps teams build a strong bond amongst each other to tackle it all.

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“I often tell people what my top 5 strengths are, and they are not suprised at all… They are literally me. They are apart of me. Strengths Quest has given me more insight on my leadership style and who I am within. My strengths assist me daily with everything I do, as a student leader and a goal- driven independent woman of color.”

-Denasia Mosteller, 2019-2020 NCNW ESU President  

“Strengths helped me understand not only my leadership style, but more about myself as a whole. By understanding my innate talents, I have been able to hone in and excel further in what I am naturally good at, while letting those around me tackle my weaknesses. After coaching, I find myself noticing when I am using specific strengths, and also incorporating them more effectively into my personal, and professional lives. Strengths changed the game.”

-Rachel Williams, Assistant, Office of Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence

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