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Quest is a 3 ½ day outdoor experiential program designed to help incoming freshmen and transfer students make the transition to collegiate at ESU. The program involves a variety of physical, emotional, social and experiential activities, many of which are facilitated outdoors.

The challenge course, 30-foot climbing tower, pond, hiking trails and campfire areas are used to facilitate the programs. The Stony Acres lodge, cabins and tents are used for housing, meals and general get-togethers. Participants also get the opportunity to choose between canoeing down the Delaware River or hiking in the Deleware Watr Gap National Recreation area for one day.

Quest 2020 Cancelled

Memories for a Lifetime!

Students Like You

Elijah Toby  ’23

“One of my favorite activities at Quest was hiking, and trust-building activities, cause those really just put you out there. And you get to build trust and get your self-confidence through that. Yeah, that jawn be popping. Can’t wait to see you at Quest. And always remember: Seek discomfort!”

Lucy Gussman '21

“Quest has allowed me to enhance my college career and life odyssey overall. Without Quest I would have never become a WARRIOR Mentor, got accepted to become a Resident Advisor, become an assistant facilitator at Stony Acres, applied for and receive the Stony Acres Scholarship, and participated in volleyball Campus Rec Leagues. I am forever grateful to my Quest Family for all of the opportunities I have been given.”

Priya Patel '22

“My Quest experience has to be hands down my favorite memory of college so far. When I first arrived at Stony Acres I was feeling very unsure about the next three days. However, that feeling came to an end quick after we started doing all the get to know each other and trust building activities. My favorite part about Quest was the high and low rope course elements. I love the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I walk across the wire that is 30 feet in the air. I enjoyed every minute of it, whether it was living in the cabins, campfire stories around the bonfire, or the six mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. I not only met some amazing friends of mine, but I met my current roommate. I am so glad I took the risk of signing up even though I did not know what could come from it.”

Thomas Devlin '22

“You do many things in Quest but it was not all about doing, it was a lot about learning, making friendships and gaining many opportunities to help you right before your first year of college. The first day of school I already knew thirty plus people and gained many opportunities throughout the year, I joined the Stony Acres Board and Scholarship Committee which taught me a lot, sure canoeing and the ropes course was fun but there is so much more!”

Enhancing the Warrior Experience

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