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Greetings Again Everyone!

Europe Adventures 565

The assignments have been picking up a bit more over here in Wuppertal, and have brought my feet down to earth as to why I’m here, but that shan’t stop me from relating my adventures I’ve recently had since seeing the three borders and Paris. During a week long holiday at the University of Wuppertal, I made full use of the time to make use of as many days on my railway pass as I could, to see as much of Europe as I could fit within it. At first I thought I was making only a weekend journey to Berlin, which I did indeed stop at first, but decided not to turn back, and ended up having a grand adventure across central and eastern Europe, of which I’ll write more about later. So, that afternoon I caught an express train that carried me straight

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from Wuppertal to Berlin, and enjoyed a fine supper in the restaurant car along the way. It was dark upon my arrival to Berlin, and after leaving my belongings in my place of shelter for the night, I made a nicew evening stroll to get a head start on tracking down the great political, cultural, and architectural attractions the largest city and capital of the nation that is my new home had to offer. That night, I first walk across a magnificent sight indeed, The Brandenburg Gate, built in 1791, it is the most defining monument in Berlin, and was built for King Frederick Wilhelm II.

Europe Adventures 580

Afterwards during that evening, I made my way to the nearby Reichstag, or seat of the government of Germany, that was returned to Berlin from Bonn, close to Wuppertal, after the reunification of Germany in 1990. After a good night’s rest, and wisely taking advantage of the all you can eat breakfast that morning, I left my hostel to discover the rest of Berlin for the day, and began making plans for where to go next. The Museum Island, one of the most amazing portions of the old city, was where I stopped to explore after a ride on one of the city’s trams, and it is home to Berlin’s most famous and important museums of art. Close by, the city’s Synagogh grasped my attention, as it is an important instituition of Berlin’s Jewish populance, and a grand architectural subject of a synagogh nonetheless. Perhaps, to my mind, the greatest stop during my personal exploration of the nation’s capital, was the Berlin Dom, or the Berlin Cathedral.

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Europe, as anyone who does any quantity of traveling in this Continent can see, is filled with so many old and beautiful churches, and cathedrals. The incredible design, including the pipe organ, and the four apostles painted on walls, the sheer beauty of this German place of worship speaks for itself in the photographs I have included.

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Yes, it was a wonder right around every corner, and an adventure after adventure once I had begun my travels through Berlin, and as I shall later tell, it turned out to be an expedition greater than I have ever dreamnt of before. Now, during the daytime I spent wandering through the city once divided into Western and Eastern Germany, I came across a monument devoted to the fallen of the Red Army of the Soviet Union duirng the Battle of Berlin.

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Though I shan’t ever forgive the Soviets’ crimes against its own peoples, and other nations it attempted to enslave with communism, I stood for a moment in respects to honor the soldiers, as I would for anyone who ever served my home nation, as we are all the Lord’s children. Berlin is filled with many beautiful churches in the shadows of the Berlin Dom, and since they’re lesser visited by the massive crowds of foreigners, it gave me great opportunity to take in the silence and the spectacles of their pews and alters.

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After a leisurely stroll through the Imperial Palace of the Kaiser, I made my way ack to the railway station, to catch a night train to take me to what I planned to make my next destination on the fly; the city of great composers, Vienna. However, upon arrival, I discovered too late that my train had changed platforms, and I had missed it! Fortunately, I was provided instructiosn to catch another train, that would connect me with another overnight train that would arrive in Vienna by dawn. With the answer to my worries, I suddenly had a bit more time in Berlin before I would actually leave, and I therefore spent my last few moments at the Berlin Wall.

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I would have regretted having had to pass this spot if I had caught the first train! The wall was, of course, half broken, covered with graffiti, and must be a detestable object to some, standing or not, East German, or West German, but I was proud to be there where my most favorite President of the 20th century challenged the Soviets to tear the wall down if they expected to shun their name as an Empire of Evil, and Eastern and Western Berliners could hold their loved ones once again. This wall marked not only the unity of East and West Germany, but the fall of the Soviet Empire, and this moment truly made it a momentuous end to my time in Berlin. I went to Berlin main station again, and this time, I really did catch the train, and made a new friend that night on my way to Vienna, and had a good night’s rest in my compartment, as we sped along to Austria, the land of my great Grandmother. Wait and see what I shall tell of Vienna, and my further adventures throughout Europe. We’ve just begun!

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