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Posted by Danielle D. - Chiang Mai, Thaliand on April 26, 2012 in Study Abroad |


Today I really wanted to focus on my Laos excursion, however I feel that talking about classes is something that people are curious about and how they work in Thailand.  All my classes are in English with the occasional Thai.  Professors sometimes cannot quite find the right words or thing just do not translate so they will tell you it in Thai.  You can usually figure it out however by the time Professors begin to do this.  You will have obtained enough Thai to understand certain Thai phrases that cannot be translated.


The classes I am taking: Contemporary Thai Politics, Music of Southeast Asia, Film of Southeast Asia, Thai Language 101/102, and Globalization of Southeast Asia


Thai Language- it is actually split into two seperate parts.  The program at Payap University runs both in quarters and full semesters.  Thai 101 is a manditory class to take which is very beneficially.  All though people speak English here it makes life so much easier and opens up a lot more opertunities to understand basic Thai.  especially when you get lost somewhere while exploring you can just tell a songtaow  driver (taxi driver) to bring you to Payap and vola it’s that simple.

Thai 102- Learn more in Thai.  This opens up for more in depth conversations. Instead of saying Hi I’m an american from X state and my name is and I am ___years old.  You can begin talking about shows, movies, your family etc.


Thai Politics-  so much to say about this course….  but lets not get to opinionated here and stick with the facts.  You will learn about Thai politics.  The laws, Politicians, and most importantly the King.


Globalization of S.E. Asia- part 1 was basically a history course while part 2 really get’s into how globalization effects S.E. Asia.  really just look up the term globalization and you understand the class


Music/Film of S.E. Asia- I’m clumping these two together because we do the same thing for both except one with movies and other music.  We learn and watch different movies and listen to different music from S.E. Asia and discuss how it differs and is similar to the rest of the world.  While in the music class we get hands on experience playing traditional Thai instruments


During the majority of the semester I had little to no work.  It was great it allowed me and the other students to really go out and experience Thailand, Laos, and other places in and around Thailand.  A major difference that I have noticed between Payap (University in Thailand) and ESU is what they assign for work.  At ESU at least I am use to scan-trons and tests.  Here I think I have three tests total and around fifteen papers.  All varying in lenght, but the average lenght being around five pages.  Not being used to writing papers at ESU it opens up a whole new world that if your not used to is brutal.  But on the other hand you have a week or two to write a paper instead of an hour to take scan-tron test.  There are plenty of gives and takes.



Hell Week…

Commonly refereed to as the last week before finals or finals depending on who you are and your major.


I have hit this time in Thailand.  Except instead of it being one week it’s 3.  This is where the professors make up for the little work you did all semester while enjoying Thailand.  It’s an excellent and horrific trade off.  Having all the time during the semester to do whatever you wanted was great.  But now it seems you have paper after paper after paper and it’s never ending.



some classes have no unexcused absences so don’t think you are not going to have to come to class



To come:

LAOS PDR excursion

and more

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