Maastricht, Netherlands and Liege, Belgium

Posted by Mallory Johnson on June 9, 2016 in Study Abroad |

It’s been a while since my last post – sorry! – but time here goes so fast, I didn’t realize!

From the 16-19 of May, I traveled with some friends to the towns of Maastricht and Liege. While in Maastricht, Netherlands, I got to see the small city charm that The Netherlands has. Practically everything closed before 8 pm, there was a small fair in the city center, and many small shops with dutch figurines and postcards. Naturally, there were bikes everywhere, as bikes are a staple of the everyday Dutch life; this town also had an old stone wall that was once part of a fort – it was complete with a cannon an everything. This town was very interesting because it had an integrated mix of old and new scenery, but also a small town feel. After spending the night on a Botel (that’s a hotel on a boat – really interesting!) on the river Maas, we headed off to Liege, Belgium. The cities weren’t too far from each other, and in fact, shared the same river (although in Liege it’s spelled Meuse) We arrived to our ‘home’ for the next two nights which was a rented apartment right in the middle of the city. We had a beautiful view and a brand new apartment all to ourselves. It was such a unique experience. We were in a French speaking part of Belgium so there was a lot of French influence. We ate quiche, real french fries (frites) and visited the many bridges located along the Meuse river. Liege was a bigger city than Maastricht and therefore had many more people, it was a pretty dirty city, but had a lot of beauty as well. This city also had a complete integration of old and new buildings, but a bigger city feel and look compared to Maastricht. Throughout our trip, we we traveled by foot while in each of the cities; this allowed us to see more than you would by bus, and we really got to understand the city. I prefer this way, as I think I wouldn’t know these two cities like I do now; I would recommend to everyone to walk and see the city a little more personally.

If you travel somewhere in the future and decide to take this advice, I hope it works for you,the way it worked for me!

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