Months Gone but a Month to Go

Posted by Chase Weiss on June 30, 2016 in Study Abroad |

So first off I want to apologize for not posting in forever, I have been mostly busy for all of June with both student projects for both classes and the University and I also have been travailing basically every weekend from when I last posted.

First I have about a month left but I am heading into the my finals (of which start next week) and probably won’t have that much time. So this will probably be one of my last posts before I leave Germany.

So while I was offline from the blog site, I got to do a few amazing things. I got to visit the Czech Republic capital city Prague and the Terezin contraction camp. Prague is a beautiful city tat I would recommend anyone who is studying aboard in Europe to visit. It is one of the biggest cities in Europe and it never sleeps like New York. While I was there, during the I visited the historic castle went to as many museums as possible (one of which was the history of music, where I got to see Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven artifacts) and I even went on a tour of the city where I got to see all of the historic sights. During the night, my group had two events. The first night was a historic pub crawl that was really fun. The second night, my group went and played mini golf with alcohol and yet I won against my friends. After two days in Prague, I went up north  and saw the Terezin concentration camp. It was a unique experience to be at this place and learn about the history of what happen there.

So my next adventure after the Czech Republic was a day in Stuttgart, primarily to see the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the oldest working Mercedes-Benz. The museum was very unique, both how it is built and how to experience it. First the museum is right next to the Stuttgart stadium, so I got as many pictures of the stadium as I can. Next the museum is seven floors that the tour start on the top floor and works it way down. This is very unique seeing not only the cars but the history of both the company and Europe. The stop at the factory was also very unique for the fact that I learned how the cars are made. This was also one of the three events for my stipend that I wanted to go to.

The next event I went to for my stipend was in Schwäbisch Gmünd. This is the big city in my region and the event was a workshop on how to promote my stipend. It was fun but was boring at the same time seeing that I was really made out more for my German counterparts. While there though, I did meet a German who is studying aboard in ESU and we are both excited for the next semester. I am seeing that I will be a junior and he is seeing that he will be in the USA. Since meeting we have both been helping each other out, he is helping me with getting ready for my finals (also my buddy is helping as well) and I’m helping him get ready for life at ESU.

The final travailing that I did while being absent from my blog was to a very small town called Rottenburg. This was for a festival for my stipend where I got to meet up with students that are and were in my shoes as a winner for this stipend. While their I got to meet up three Penn State students of which are from place I know and been to in the states. I also got to meet up with my friends from Tübinging when I went there for the jazz event. The best part of the event was that I was able to get free food and they let us each have a bottle of wine to keep. This made the 3 hour train ride home really easier (seeing that there is no containment law here). While there I also got to meet the most Uncanadian Canadian’s ever. They did not meet any of the stereotypes that are made about Canada, even other Canadians that were their stated that they were not Canadian.

So now that I have talked about my travailing,the only thing that I want to ment was the events I did in Aalen that made ma so busy. I had to help coordinate I presentation about the USA for the Rector (president) of the hochschule. This was really time consuming seeing that I need to make sure everything was perfect. I also had to be apart of the hochschule open house, also known as Tag der Offen Tur. This was not as bad as seeing that I was not coordinating it but I did have to stand in over 90 degree weather for about 6 hours; so ya that was really fun. I also just finished writing a paper for my marketing coarse. It was in English but I had to do a lot of research for my topic and it was harder than I thought it would have been. I am glad that it is done and my professor said that as long as I handed in the paper that I would pass the class.

So I don’t know how many more post that I will be writing so until next time


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