Annual Student Research &
Creative Activity Symposium

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Event Information and Keynote Speaker

The sixth annual Student Research and Creative Activity Symposium will be held on Wednesday, April 18th in the Hoeffner Science and Technology Center. The all-day event will including poster and oral presentations, Sigma Xi competition, creative art installations and conclude with a keynote speaker.

South African-born Dr. Carol Muller is Professor of Music, Graduate Chair in Music, and the Moorman Simon Civic Engagement Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. She has published widely on South African music at home and in exile in a wide range of book and journals; her intellectual interests are in issued of gender, religion, music, diaspora, and post-colonial studies. Muller has done pioneering work in ethnomusicology on issues of civic engagement, community partnering and student research in West Philadelphia. Muller is also a gumboot dancer.

Mission Statement

The Student Research and Creative Activity Symposium provides undergraduate and graduate students a forum to showcase their academic and research skills through oral and visual presentations.

  • The research symposium provided an excellent opportunity for my graduate students, pursuing a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, to advance their personal and professional abilities in research. The symposium enabled them to increase their depth of understanding about their research focus by sharing the information with others in a professional atmosphere.

    Professor Carol Walker

  • Designing a project, making discoveries and sharing the findings at the research symposium generates student excitement and interest in their discipline. Connecting with other students at the symposium fosters a positive learning experience.

    Professor Jane Huffman

  • Faculty undergraduate research collaborations are conducted in many different forms across the curriculum. Through participation in these projects, students become active learners, develop intellectual curiosity, and clarify career paths. These research projects enhance and deepen the undergraduate experience.

    Dean Peter Hawkes

  • The discipline of Psychology is guided by scientific principles and the Scientific Method. The hallmark of science is Critical thinking, thoughtfully probing and analyzing problems and questions. Research is the “means to and practical application of ” Critical Thinking. Our Department Research Forum allows students to display and present their projects to faculty and peers and gives them a “hands on experience “in the scientific method. It is an invaluable experience for our students. They obtain a better understanding of the complexities of the field of psychology and learn to appreciate the roots of psychology. The Forum also prepares students for Graduate Education and real world problem solving strategies.

    Professor Tony Drago