Guided Tour to Science Education Resources on the Web
Guided Tour to
Science Education Resources on the Web
Welcome to the Guided Tour to Science Education Resources on the Web! In this sequence of pages, you will be guided through some of the resources in science education that can be found on the web. Each page will describe a particular type of site and then list a sampling of such sites. Clicking on each highlighted name will retrieve the information from that site.

Note: When I created this tour (in 1995), there was very little on the web dedicated to introducing teachers to science education resources. Nowadays, there are numerous sites devoted to such resources and most teachers are already quite nimble at navigating the internet. As such, this tour is no longer necessary and I haven't worked on it much since 1998 except to delete some out-dated links. Feel free to continue using it but be aware that there is so much more out there than I can possibly do justice to with this short little tour.

You can go through the tour sequentially, as indicated by the next page symbol, or skip around via the table of contents.

One can literally spend days at each site listed. So, it is suggested that you visit each site briefly, taking note of the contents and the web address so that you can return later if you'd like. To return to this tour from the other sites, just choose BACK from the window commands on your browser (or use the GO option).

Note: There are several generic sites that provide information regarding sites on the internet. Some of these sites, like Yahoo and Internet Public Library classify Internet resources according to broad subject categories and varying levels of sub-categories that lead the user to the resources. Others, like Google, Lycos, and Excite are web databases which search the internet and lists those sites that are related to the search words you provide. Lately, however, these sites are getting more and more alike and chances are you can utilize both search words and topics at each site.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with computers and the internet, click here.

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Table of Contents

o Introduction to the Guided Tour
o Starting Points
o Science Education Organizations
o Science Organizations
o Science Education Publications
o Science Education Research
o Science Education Discussion Lists
o Science Education Vendors
o Miscellaneous Sites

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