The ESU Recreation Center is an exclusive membership only facility extended to students, faculty, staff, alumni and retirees of East Stroudsburg University.

Besides the convenience of being on Campus, members of the Recreation Center receive excellent customer service in a well maintained, safe, unassuming and helpful environment. Each day the staff strives to deliver a great value that compliments and exceeds your investment in the pursuit of a happier, healthy life. As a member, a wonderful array of benefits and amenities allows you to create conveniences and variety in your fitness routine.

How To Join

  1. Check Your Eligibility: Scroll below to see if you are eligible to join the Recreation Center as well as view the membership rates.
  2. Obtain a Membership Form: Membership application is available in the University Center, at the Recreation Center or Download to print a copy.
  3. Purchase your Membership: please visit the Student Activity Association, Inc. office located in the University Center, Room 211.
    • Payment Options: Cash, Edollars, credit cards or checks are accepted. Payroll deduction is available for University employees.
    • Payment Plans: Payment choices include by semester or year.
    • The Recreation Center does not have any joining fees!

Need More Information: contact Jill Harper at (570) 422-2977 or at

Membership Categories

ESU Students

Fees: Included in University Fees Person registered and paid for classes in the fall, spring, and/or summer sessions.

An ESU student taking a class in ANY summer session will be given access for all summer sessions. Registered and fully paid for Summer 1 Sessions: Student must present an Ecard and fees paid receipt for a summer course(s) to the Recreation Center staff to be granted summer access.

Registered for Summer 2 Session or Unpaid Session:
Students: Student wanting access prior to enrollment services billing for Summer 2 Session at the beginning of July or have not fully paid his/her bills for Session 1 must purchase the the Non-enrolled University Student Membership. To be reimbursed, student must bring proof of payments (university fees and membership fee) to the Director of the Recreation Center during the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If special arrangements need to be made, please call (570) 422-2977.

Non-Enrolled Student (Summer Only)

University Student – $60 | Other University Student – $90
Note: This membership is only available for the summer term.

A student in this category must have been registered for Spring classes and be registered for the upcoming Fall semester in the same year at either ESU or another University. (Proof will be required) e.g. Summer 2020 membership: took classes in Spring 2020 and registered for Fall 2020 at the same institution of higher education.

ESU Thesis Student

Fall or Spring – $180 | Summer – $120

A graduate student at ESU who is not enrolled in classes and has not completed his/her research by the end of the semester s/he was registered. IMPORTANT NOTE: This membership is only available for the semester immediately following the semester he/she was enrolled for the thesis credit(s)

Faculty, Staff, Alumni & Retiree Regular Membership

Year – $480 | Fall or Spring – $180 | Summer – $120

  • Faculty/Staff: Person currently employed by East Stroudsburg University or its approved affiliate organizations currently approved Affiliate organizations are Student Activity Association, Inc., ARAMARK and University Ridge;
  • Alumni: Person who has graduated (Degree Conferred) from East Stroudsburg University;
  • Retiree: Person who officially retired from his/her position at East Stroudsburg University.

Faculty, Staff, Alumni & Retiree Early Bird Membership

Year – $360 | Fall, Spring or Summer – $120

All categories of eligibility listed in the the Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Retiree Memberships applies with the addition of the following membership restrictions: During the business week (Monday through Friday), Early Bird members must enter either facility prior to 11:00 AM. The weekday restriction is suspended for the summer session and when the facility has adjusted hours for holidays and breaks.

Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Retiree, or Student's Spouse or Partner

Year – $370 | Fall or Spring – $140 | Summer – $90

Spouse: A man and woman who are legally married to one another.
Domestic Partner: Person over the age of 18 that lives with the sponsor in the same residence on a continuous basis for at least the past six months, are jointly responsible for the common welfare and financial obligations of each other, are not married nor related to one another.

Membership Details:

  • Members have unrestricted access to both facilities An ESU Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Retiree or Student with a current membership must sponsor his/her spouse or domestic partner.
  • The length of the spouse or domestic partner’s membership may not exceed the sponsor’s membership. Examples: Spouse of a student may only purchase the current semester as student memberships are only one semester at a time. If a staff member purchases an annual membership, the domestic partner may purchase any number of semesters provided it does not exceed the end date of the staff’s membership. If a faculty member cancels his/her membership, the domestic partner’s membership will be automatically canceled.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Faculty and Staff Payroll Deduction is not available for this option.