Personal Training

Get your Work out by US!

The personal training program is designed for Campus Rec & Wellness members who are looking for an individualized, or buddy, fitness experience in a one-on-one setting.  Regardless of your age or fitness level, working with a personal trainer can have a positive effect on your life.  When you sign up with one of our personal trainers, you can expect a custom plan created for you based on your goals and abilities.  We provide education, guidance, motivation, and safety during your fitness journey.  We also monitor your progress and help provide you with resources in hopes that you can be successful and confident in the gym.

Fitness Menu

A range of personal fitness services are offered at a nominal fee to help you get a jump start on a healthy lifestyle! Below is a list of services that are currently available. Click the service below to obtain a description and the cost for each:

Equipment Orientation | Free

This service is perfect for a person who has never stepped foot into the Recreation Center and knows very little about exercising. We will show you the basics of the machines in the Fitness Center and get you started to help you decide if exercising is something you really want to get into. This service will only provide you with the basics to get you started!

Fitness Assessment | $15

A battery of tests to determine your fitness level. Provides a great starting point for you and your personal trainer to build that new lifestyle! This service is mandatory to purchase and complete before starting your personal training sessions.

Individualized Training Packages

A one hour session will include goal setting, health and fitness education, programming to meet your individual needs, and motivation to help you achieve your stated goals. We will be responsible for teaching proper lifting and efficient exercising techniques, and adherence skills to maximize your experience in the Recreation Center. Pick the session package that best fits your needs!

Session Student Member
1 Session $  20.00 $  30.00
3 Sessions $  55.00 $  85.00
5 Sessions $  85.00 $135.00
10 Sessions $160.00 $240.00
15 Sessions $230.00 $350.00

Re-vamp Consultation | $6

Are you stuck in a rut? Come meet with a personal trainer and learn ideas to bring spice back to your rec time!

Custom Cardio | $6

Have you been working and working without achieving the results you want? We can teach you how to work at the correct intensity using tools such as your Heart Rate Training Zone and the Rate of Perceived Exertion.

Recovery Rollout | $15

A 30-minute session of Stretching and Foam Rolling to help with recovery and muscle soreness relief.

Plyometric Pyramid | $15

A 30-minute session of plyometric exercises to focus on proper landing form, explosiveness, and lower body power..

Body Fat | $3

A staff member will measure three sites to determine your body composition. We will provided you with percentages of fat, muscle, and height and weight data.