ESU Student Organizations Directory

Student organizations at East Stroudsburg University serve to complement the academic mission of the institution. These organizations strive to enhance the overall collegiate experience of students through the development of, and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, recreational, and community service programs. Student organization involvement offers unlimited opportunities for leadership development and self expression. All students are strongly encouraged to become as actively involved in one or more student groups of their choice as their time and interest permit. There are approximately 120 organizations and activities recognized by the Student Senate. Of these approximately 70 are funded by the Student Activity Association. The scope of these organizations varies widely and truly offers something for everyone.

Listed below are student organizations currently registered at ESU. Look it over to find the one that’s right for YOU! To find out how to start a new organization, give the Office of the University Center & Campus Activities a call at (570) 422-3291 or e-mail

Make the most of your college experience by getting involved!

Academic/Career Oriented

  • Art Association
    The Art Association provides cultural enrichment for students, campus and the community. Students organize, plan and develop cultural projects for the campus community. Faculty advisor Professor David Mazure, (570) 422-3612.
  • Athletic Training Club
    The Athletic Training Club provides aspiring professionals with a better working knowledge of athletic training by sharing ideas and experiences through field trips, lectures and selected group activities. Faculty advisor Professor Scott Deitrich, (570) 422-3068.
  • American Institute of Biological Sciences (Biology Club)
    The Biology Club is here for students that care about biology and the environment. Students are introduced to the world of biology by going on trips with opportunities to visit different ecosystems to help build community among life science students. Also, we aim to show students about careers available biology majors. Faculty advisor Professor Thomas LaDuke, (570) 422-3520.
  • Biotechnology Club
    This club strives to expand knowledge on current techniques and inform the community of currently available abilities that the bio-medical and biotechnology fields have to offer. Faculty advisor Professor Abdalla Aldras, (570) 422-3704.
  • Chemistry Club
    The club is open to majors and those students who are interested in the field of chemistry. Its purpose is to create greater interest and exploration in topics related to chemicals science. Faculty advisor Professor John Freeman, (570) 422-3446.
  • Community Health Organization
    The purpose of the Community Health Organization is to further the membership’s knowledge I community health and public health related fields and to offer experiences in public health practice and research to improve the quality of life of ESU students and residents of Pennsylvania. Faculty advisor Dr. Steven Godin, (570) 422-3562 or visit our Facebook page.
  • Computer Science Club
    The objectives of the Computer Science Club is to gather technology oriented individuals together and disseminate among them new research in the field of computing. Faculty advisor Michael Jochen, (570) 422-3036.
  • Council For Exceptional Children
    The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of children and adults with exceptionalities. CEC members volunteer their services in helping area residents with disabilities. Faculty advisors Professors Diane Cavanaugh, (570) 422-3764 and Gina Scala, (570) 422-3781.
  • Economics Club
    The club shall aspire to promote the understanding of economics through: the closer relationship between students and faculty; invitation of distinguished speakers in the field of economics and management and visits to places of important economic activity. Faculty advisor Todd Behr, (570) 422-3831.
  • Euclid’s Elements (Math)
    Euclid’s Elements is ESU’s Mathematics Club. This is an academic and social club consisting of students interested in math. The club sponsors luncheon parties, video viewings related to math, and attendance at professional conferences. The club is also involved with the Monroe County Math Fair – an annual event promoting mathematics for students from kindergarten to high school. Future plans include taking field trips to places of mathematical problem-solving group. Faculty advisor Professor Jonathan Keiter, (570) 422-3870.
  • Exercise Science Club
    This club was designed by the students in the Exercise physiology Discipline in the School of Movement Studies and Exercise Science. The club offers special experiences to students through guest speakers, laboratory research projects and tours of industrial fitness centers. Club members may get involved in activities like designing fitness programs for local fitness centers and/or testing ad evaluating varsity athletic teams. Dedicated faculty and interested students have helped create almost unlimited practical experiences through the club. Faculty advisor Professor Emily Sauers, (570) 422-3818.
  • Health & Physical Education Majors Club
    This organization educates students on health and health-related issues and concerns. It also establishes a link with other community organizations in health and health-related fields and helps students prepare for their careers. Faculty advisor Professor Kelly Boyd, (570) 422-3560.
  • History Club
    The purpose of the History Club is to expand the minds of those students interested in preserving and examining history through field trips, research and community service. Faculty advisor Chris Dudley, 422-3284.
  • Hotel Restaurant Club
    The club promotes careers in the hotel restaurant industry. Faculty advisor Professor Robert McMullin, (570) 422-3290.
  • Investment Club
    The purpose of the Investment Club is sharing and furthering knowledge of finance and investing ideas with one anther through fellowship, extra-curricular activities and scholarship. Faculty advisor Qian Xie, 422-3977.
  • Lehigh Valley Public Health Alliance
    The purpose of the Lehigh Valley Public Health Alliance is to educate ourselves and others on public health relates issues and concerns and to influence stakeholders attitudes and beliefs about health on campus and in the surrounding community. Faculty advisor Steven Shive, (570) 422-3330.
  • Marine Science Club
    The purpose of the Marine Science Club is to increase understanding and involvement in all facets of the marine sciences through guest speakers, and trips to aquariums and marine stations. Faculty advisor Dr. James Hunt, (570) 422-3715.
  • National Broadcasting Society
    The purpose of the National Broadcasting Society – Alpha Epsilon Rho shall be to provide a career-oriented networking opportunity for those students who intend to secure a position in the television production field or plan to pursue advanced degrees in this field. Faculty advisor Beth Sockman,
  • National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association
    The purpose of the National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association is for student to learn about the field of speech pathology, prepare students for graduate school and perform community service activities. Faculty advisor Dr. Ann Millett, (570) 422-3304.
  • Pre-Med Club
    This organization supports and guides incoming all pre-medical students, including pre-veterinary, pre osteopathic, pre-podiatric, pre-dental, pre-optometric, and pre-chiropractic students, and introduces students to the professional medical fields. Faculty advisor Professor John S. Smith, (570) 422-3717.
  • Pre-Pharmacy Club
    The club will encourage and promote interest in the field of pharmaceutical science, provide an academic experience through visiting related institutions, pharmaceutical industries and hosting speakers from the various fields of pharmacy. Faculty advisor Dr. William Loffredo, (570) 422-3215.
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Club
    The purpose of the Pre-Physical Therapy Club is to ascertain the role of a Physical Therapist and the steps necessary to pursue a career in the field, to support prospective students and promote social skills necessary to work in a medical or public field. Faculty advisor Jennifer White, 422-3712.
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Club
    The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for aspiring pre-physician assistant students to collectively share experience and peer support pertaining to course, job shadowing, internship opportunities and graduate school applications. Students will receive guidance and insight from faculty and guest speakers and obtain help in preparing for graduate school and their careers. Faculty advisor Jennifer White, (570) 422-3712.
  • Psychology Association
    This organization is for students who have a special interest in the fields of psychology. The association gives students the opportunity to broaden their educational experience in psychology through individual and group research and field trips. All students enrolled in a psychology curriculum or concentration, as well as other interested students are invited to join. Faculty advisor Professor Renee Boburka, (570) 422-3328.
  • Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
    The objectives of PRSSA are to encourage understanding of current theories and procedures in public relations, encourage student to adhere to the highest ideals and principles in the practice of public relations and give student the opportunity to network with public relations professionals and peers. Faculty advisor Cem Zeytinoglu, (570) 422-3911.
  • Rehabilitative Services Student Organization
    The organization works to provide education to the campus and community regarding rehabilitation services and services to people with disabilities. Faculty advisor Professor Daniel Steere, (570) 422-3001.
  • Society of Physics Students
    The objectives of the Society of Physics Students shall be to encourage and assist students interested in physics to develop the knowledge, competence, enthusiasm and social responsibility that are essential to the advancement of physics. Faculty advisor John Elwood, (570) 422-3408.
  • Social Work, Criminal Justice Club
    The Social Work, Criminal Justice Club members come together based on interest in and a desire to promote the field of sociology. They strive to do this by maintaining awareness in current events; providing information on schools with graduate degree programs in the field of sociology, make students aware of varying types of funding available to Sociology majors, and most especially by organizing activities of interest to the members of the Social Work, Criminal Justice Club, to include but not limited to speakers, films, field trips and social programs. The club does social service annually addressing the needs of less advantaged and promotes equality through programs addressing diversity and social problems. The club members also have fun. It is not required that members be Sociology majors, come join us. faculty advisor Marianne Cutler, (570) 422-3810.
  • Sport Management Club
    The Sport Management Club convenes those interested in sport management to exchange ideas, promote management, advance the professional interests of its members, and foster a closer relationship among its members and with other campus groups. Faculty advisor Edward Arner, (570) 422-3495.
  • Student Nurses’ Association (SNA)
    Students enrolled in the Nursing Program are encouraged to become active members of the Student Nurses Association. The SNA is involved in many community and health-based projects, and is structured to be a helping network for all those involved through various social activities. Students can also become involved at the state and national levels. The organization helps students learn leadership skills and introduces them to a fulfilling nursing career. Faculty advisor Professor Paulette Dorney, (570) 422-3567.
  • Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA)
    The ESU chapter is a student branch or the Pennsylvania Education Association and National Education Association. Membership includes liability protection, professional journals and other benefits. Field trips, speakers and meetings provide professional background information for students interested in the teaching profession. Faculty advisor Professor Susan Harlan, (570) 422-3044.
  • Television Production Club
    Our Purpose is to create visual products for the ESU audience and ourselves. Allow the members to have hand on experience with every position in the TV Studio. We will also spend our time creating pieces for those companies that contact us in need of work. Faculty advisor Richard Otto, (570) 422-3048.

Performing Arts

  • Contemporary Dancers
    The Contemporary Dancers give students an opportunity to participate in dance as a creative, artistic expression. It is open to all students interested in contemporary dance technique and choreography. Student dancers participate in productions for the University community and various educational, civic and service organizations.This 16-20-member performing dance ensemble is comprised of talented participants who perform a variety of dance genres, including ballet, modern, jazz, and tap, in productions in the fall and spring. The credit-bearing course, MSES/FIT 315 Dance Performance & Production consists of performance, choreography and production work involved with dance as a performing art. Work in performance and technical areas is included. Faculty advisor Dr. Elizabeth Gibbons, (570) 422-3331.
  • Musical Theatre Organization
    The purpose of the Musical Theatre Organization is the entertain, and most importantly educate, the student body on the value of the art form that combines music, theatre and dance by giving performances and backstage technical opportunities. Faculty advisor Margaret Ball, (570) 422-3261.
  • ESU Dance Team
    The purpose of the team is to provide entertainment and school spirit through dance at athletic and special events. The Dance Team performs at basketball games during the time outs and half time. When they are not dancing, they cheer on the ESU athletes. Faculty advisor Suzanne Fischer Prestoy PhD, (570) 422-3563.
  • Stage II
    Stage II is a dramatic club for those interested in all phases of the theater. The club has both a social and technical purpose and joins with Alpha Psi Omega to produce plays, attend Broadway productions and encourage dramatic art both on and off campus. Faculty advisor Professor Stephanie French, (570) 422-3790.
  • University Bands University/Community Concert Band
    This band is open to All University and community instrumentalists with previous experience in high school and/or university bands. This group will be exposed to standard concert band literature, marches, musical show selections, and pop music. Emphasis will be on developing musicianship, especially tone, blend, balance, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, and sight-reading. Each semester this 85 member ensemble performs a formal campus concert and at commencement exercises. The group’s director may schedule additional public performances. The University Bands organization is one of the most active student organizations on the East Stroudsburg University campus. Students may choose from a wide variety of performing ensembles, most of which are offered for academic credit toward graduation. Students work closely with the faculty advisor/director to prepare several performances on and off campus each academic year. Faculty advisor Dr. Doreen Tobin, (570) 422-3463.
  • University Jazz Ensemble
    This group consists of the following instrumental sections: saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and rhythm. The music rehearsed reflects a wide variety of jazz styles with emphasis on the development of good ensemble techniques, rhythmic accuracy, tonal balance, intonation improvisation and sight reading skills. The group’s director may schedule public performances. Academic credit may be arranged with the permission of the instructor. The University Jazz Ensemble has performed at major university jazz festivals in eleven states and Canada. They have also performed on campus with over a dozen famous, world-class soloists. Faculty advisor Dr. Otis French, (570) 422-3172.
  • Concert Choir
    Concert Choir is open to all ESU students, faculty/staff, and community members who have had previous choral singing experience. No audition is required. The 70–voice ensemble performs a wide range of music in concert every semester and at campus events such as the Holiday Tree Lighting. Concert Choir rehearses Tuesdays 7:15–9:15 pm. May be taken for 1 credit as MUS 130. Faculty advisor Dr. James Maroney at
  • Pop/Jazz Singers
    Selected from members of Concert Choir, University Singers is an auditioned group of 12–16 singers specializing in jazz and popular music. In addition to concerts on campus every semester, the group performs at numerous community functions. University Singers rehearses Wednesdays 1:00–3:00 pm. May be taken for 1 credit as MUS 240. Faculty advisor Dr. James Maroney at
  • A Cappella Ensemble
    Selected from members of Concert Choir, A Cappella Ensemble is an auditioned group of 14–18 singers specializing in unaccompanied music. In addition to concerts on campus every semester, the group performs at numerous community functions. A Cappella Ensemble rehearses Mondays 1:00–3:00 pm. May be taken for 1 credit as MUS 243. Faculty advisor Dr. James Maroney at
  • University Pep Band
    The band is offered during football season and performs in the stands on Saturday afternoons as catalysts for spectator enthusiasm and spirit. This group performs many types of music including Top 40, rock & roll, Latin, Dixieland, marches, and spirit songs at home football games, and at the Holiday Tree/Menorah lighting ceremony. This 35-member band is as active, fun-loving, quality musical service group; it is not offered for credit. Faculty advisor Dr. Otis French, (570) 422-3172.
  • University Brass Ensemble
    This credit-bearing course consists of an instrumental ensemble composed of instruments of the brass family. The course is offered as proper instrumentation warrants. Public performances may be scheduled by the group’s director. This 12-15 member ensemble meets in the spring semester only.
    Faculty advisor Dr. Otis French, (570) 422-3172.
  • Voices of Triumph (Gospel Choir)
    Voices of Triumph provide an alternative outlet for religion for those students that cannot make it to a house of worship. This organization allows students a place for spiritual guidance by using their voice as instruments to connect with their faith and beliefs. The choir participates in various concerts throughout the year. Faculty advisor Professor Kizzy Morris, (570) 422-3820.

Governing Body

  • Student Senate
    To promote the general welfare of the students of the university; To constitute a medium for expressing student opinion on matters of general interest; To provide experience for its members in leadership and the practice of democratic government; To charter and oversee university student organizations; To administer the allocation of Student Activity funds; and to perform any duty necessary in the accomplishment of the above stated purposes. Faculty advisor John Robinson, (570) 422-3607.
  • Panhellenic Council
    The College Panhellenic Council (CPHC) is composed of representatives from the sororities on campus, and helps promote the objectives and goals of the sorority system. It also serves as the regulatory group for the activities of the sororities. Considerable emphasis is placed on high scholarship as well as social growth and development. The sororities are involved in many campus activities and community service projects. The sororities cooperate in every way to make the Greek system a meaningful and an integral part of the student’s education. For more information, contact Greek Affairs Office, (570) 422-3775.
  • Inter-Fraternity Council
    The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) is the central governing body of the fraternity system and is composed of representatives from each of the fraternities on campus. This group promotes and regulates activities of the fraternities. Fraternities place emphasis on brotherhood and educational achievement, and their members are afforded the opportunity to grow socially and intellectually. For more information, contact Greek Affairs Office, (570) 422-3775.
  • Hall Community Councils
    Each residence hall has a Hall Council which functions under the auspices of the Residence Hall Association. The Hall Council is a representative body of the students who reside in each of the residence halls. The Council endeavors to promote a congenial cultural, intellectual, and social life within its respective building by planning various educational, social and community service programs during the year. Each Hall Council takes an active part in representing the student’s point of view in matters concerning the improvement of service, building maintenance, and student life in the residence hall. The establishment of a mature and responsible intellectual environment is the goal of the Council.

Sports/Recreation Clubs

  • Equestrian Team
    The Equestrian Team allows students to compete against other member universities of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. Prior experience with horses is requested. However, students are able to compete at all levels, beginner through advanced. Competitive members must take lessons each week in able to show for the fall and spring semester. Horses are provided for lessons and shows. Current team members can be contacted at For more information, contact Coach Pat Speziale at (570) 629-4001 or the advisor Cindy Vojnovic, Supervisor of the Graphics Center, 2nd floor University Center, (570) 422-3376.
  • Gymnastics Club
    The club promotes physical fitness through the sport of gymnastics. Faculty advisor Kevin Casebolt, (570) 422-3230.
  • Ice Hockey Club
    East Stroudsburg’s Ice Hockey program has taken large strides in becoming a recognized hockey program in the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference and the American Collegiate Hockey Association, playing home games at Revolution Ice Centre in Pittston, PA. The club ice hockey team allows individual members to further compete in their sport, while allowing time to focus greatly on their studies. Advisor Madeline Constantine, (570) 422-3334 or go to
  • Martial Arts Club
    The purpose of the Martial Arts Club is to teach martial arts and self defense. Faculty advisor, Stanley Chiang, (570) 422-3624.
  • Men’s Lacrosse Club
    The Men’s Lacrosse Club competes with other university clubs and teams in the area. Some equipment is provided, as well as some funding for travel. The mini-fall season helps to develop needed skills, even for the beginner, in preparation for the full spring season. The club competes in the National College Lacrosse League. Faculty advisor Professor Michael Gray, (570) 422-3252.
  • Men’s Rugby Football Club
    The game of rugby was invented well over a century ago at Rugby College of England, when a soccer player picked up the ball and ran with it. Soon, “Rugby Football” was played around Europe and later the world. The ESU Rugby Club was founded in the spring of 1985. The team competes in both fall and spring semesters, and is a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Uion. The club is 50 members strong and growing each semester. Faculty advisor Patrick Monaghan, (570) 422-3729 or go to
  • Men’s Volleyball Club
    The purpose of the Men’s Volleyball Club to provide a safe and fun atmosphere to play volleyball and to compete on the collegiate club level. Faculty advisor Esther Daganzo-Cantens, (570) 422-3199.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club
    Ultimate Frisbee, a fairly new sport, was invented in 1968 in Maplewood, NJ, by high school students playing in a parking lot. The sport is now played across the United States and in many other nations of the world. The ESU Ultimate Frisbee Club competes in the fall and spring semesters, and is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Section which currently has 126 teams, (43 of them are collegiate teams). The team travels throughout the east cost competing in various tournaments with such schools as Penn State, Bucknell, Lehigh, Lafayette, University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers and many others. Faculty advisor Professor John Kenneth Elwood, (570) 422-3408.
  • Women’s Rugby Football Club
    For more information, contact Faculty advisor Madeline Constantine, (570) 422-3334 or go to

Social Greeks


  • Delta Chi
    National fraternity colony at East Stroudsburg University. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775. For information related to the national chapter you can visit their website here Delta Chi National Chapter.
  • Kappa Alpha Psi
    National fraternity which is one of the Divine Nine of the National Pan-Hellenic Council was reestablished at East Stroudsburg University in 2012. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775.
  • Kappa Delta Rho
    National fraternity founded at East Stroudsburg University on April 26, 1996. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775. For information related to the national chapter you can visit their website here Kappa Delta Rho National Chapter.
  • Lambda Sigma Upsilon
    National fraternity founded at East Stroudsburg University on November 8, 2013. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775
  • Phi Sigma Kappa
    National fraternity founded at East Stroudsburg University on December 14, 2002. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775.
  • Theta Chi
    National fraternity founded at East Stroudsburg University on May 11, 1974. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775. For information related to the national chapter you can visit their website here Theta Chi National Chapter.
  • Sigma Pi
    National fraternity founded at East Stroudsburg University on December, 2010. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775. For information related to the national chapter you can visit their website here:


  • Alpha Omicron Pi
    National sorority founded at East Stroudsburg University on January 2, 1987. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775. For information related to the national chapter you can visit their website here Alpha Omicron Pi National Chapter.
  • Alpha Sigma Tau
    National sorority founded at East Stroudsburg University on December 2, 1995. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775.
  • Chi Upsilon Sigma
    National Sorority officially named Corazones Unidos Siempre Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. They are a colony of Panhellenic Council established in 2013. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775
  • Lamda Iota
    Local sorority founded at East Stroudsburg University in 1975. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775.
  • Mu Sigma Upsilon
    National multicultural sorority founded at East Stroudsburg University in April 2009. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775.
  •  Sigma Sigma Sigma
    National sorority founded at East Stroudsburg University in 1986. For more information, contact the Greek Affairs Office, Room 218 of the University Center, (570) 422-3775. For information related to the national chapter you can visit their website at Sigma Sigma Sigma National Chapter.


  • Alpha Epsilon Rho (Broadcasting)
    The purpose of the Alpha Epsilon Rho Honor Society is to emphasize superior scholarship and creative participation in broadcasting and corporate production and activity. Faculty advisor, Paul Lippert, (570) 422-3482.
  • Delta Alpha Pi (Disability Services)
    The purpose of this Society shall be to recognize the academic accomplishments of university students with disabilities, to facilitate development of leadership and advocacy skills, and to provide opportunities for members to serve as mentors and role models. Advisor Jenny Collier, (570) 422-3209.
  • Eta Sigma Gamma (Health Science)
    Eta Sigma Gamma furthers the professional competence and dedication of the individual members in the health science/health education discipline. Faculty advisor Professor Steve Shive, (570) 422-3330.
  • Iota Iota Iota (Women Studies)
    The Delta chapter of Iota Iota Iota at ESU recognizes students for scholarship in the area of Women’s Studies and for the dedication to social activism. Faculty advisor Professor Andrea McMlanahan, (570) 422-3472.
  • Iota Tau Alpha (Athletic Training)
    The purpose of Iota Tau Alpha, Athletic Training Education honor Society, shall be to function as an honor and professional society for students in Athletic Training. Activities of the organization shall be designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in Athletic Training education. Faculty advisor Dr. Keith Vanic, (570) 422-3314.
  • Kappa Delta Pi (Education)
    Kappa Delta Pi is the International Honor Society in Education, which has 40,000+ members across the world. The mission of Kappa Delta Pi is to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service.. The ESU Gamma Xi Chapter has been in existence at ESU for 82 years. Membership is by invitation to junior and seniors in teacher education programs who have attained a quality point average of 3.4 or higher, have completed a minimum of fifty credit hours and who exhibit commendable dispositions and worthy educational ideals. Faculty advisor Dr. Pamela Kramer Ertel, (570) 422-3377.
  • Kappa Kappa Psi (Band)
    The purpose of the organization is:

    • To promote the existence and welfare of college and university bands.
    • To honor outstanding band members through privilege of membership;
    • To stimulate campus leadership.
    • To foster a close relationship between college bands.
    • To provide a helpful and pleasant social experience for all engaged in college band work.

    For more information, contact faculty advisor Dr. Otis French, (570) 422-3172.

  • Lambda Pi Eta (Communication)
    This honorary recognizes outstanding scholastic achievement in communication. It works to stimulate interest in communication, encourage professional development, exchange ideas, maintain close relationships between faculty and students, and explore options for further graduate education. Faculty advisor Professor Andrea McClanhan, (570) 422-3697.
  • Moses Society
    The Moses Society, an honorary for resident advisors, was formed on January 22, 2000, to instill a sense of pride and tradition to the Resident Advisor Program at ESU. This honorary reflects the commitment, hard work and dedication of the resident advisors to the Residence Life Program. The society conducts community service projects and plans programs and events for its members. To qualify for membership, one must be a resident advisor in good standing with the department and the University. Advisor Kelly Weaber, (570) 422-3620.
  • National Residence Hall Honorary
    The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) recognizes students living in the residence halls that have shown service and have provided important leadership in the advancement of the residence halls at East Stroudsburg University. The chapter at East Stroudsburg University is named for Ardath E. Houser, former assistant dean of students and associate professor in the Counseling Center. Advisor Ryan Kassis, (570) 422-3583.
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics)
    Alpha Xi chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the International Honor Society of Economics, confers distinction for high scholastic achievement in economics, stimulates and promotes student interest in all aspects of economics; publishes a journal entitled The American economist; and sponsored the Fisher-Taussig Award Competition. Membership is open to undergraduate, graduate, faculty, alumni and honorary members. A general average of at least a B and a class standing in the upper one-third of the class is required for student membership. Faculty advisor Professor Todd Behr, (570) 422-3831.
  • Order of Omega (Greek Honorary)
    Order of Omega is the Greek Honorary. Faculty advisor Jazmyn Pulley, (570) 422-3429.
  • Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Languages)
    This organization recognizes outstanding ability and achievements in the study and teaching of foreign languages. It promotes advanced pursuits and individual research in this field, as well as the cultural enrichment and international understanding developed through the knowledge and use of foreign languages. Faculty advisor Professor Jeff Ruth, (570) 422-3419
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)
    This is the national political science honor society. Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate political science students who have completed at least ten semester hours of work in the field with an average grade of at least B. Faculty advisor Professor Ko Mishima, (570) 422-3248.
  • Psi Chi (Psychology)
    Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in psychology. This organization advances the science of psychology and encourages it members to maintain scholarship in all fields, especially psychology. Faculty advisor Professor Renee Bobourka, (570) 422-3328.
  • Sigma Phi Omega (Gerontology)
    The Alpha Phi chapter of Sigma Phi Omega, the National Academic honor and Professional Society in gerontology, promotes scholarship, research, professionalism and excellence in gerontology and aging services. It also recognizes high academic and clinical achievement in these areas. Membership in Alpha Phi is open to members of the University community and the community at large. Faculty advisor Professor Elaine Shuey, (570) 422-3681.
  • Sigma Pi Epsilon Delta (Special Education)
    This is an honorary for students majoring in special education and rehabilitation. The organization strives to recognize student excellence, promote leadership opportunities and contribute to the campus and community. Faculty advisor Professor Daniel Steere, (570) 422-3001.
  • Sigma Tau Delta (English)
    The Delta Zeta chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the national professional English honorary society, was established to promote the mastery of written expression, encourage worthwhile reading and foster a spirit of fellowship among students specializing in English. Scholastic standing and professional interests in English are chief factors in the selection of students for membership. Faculty advisor Professor Cynthia Leenerts, (570) 422-3032
  • Sigma Theta Tau (Nursing)
    This nursing honor society recognizes undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and professional nurses who have demonstrated superior scholastic, leadership and nursing achievements. The chapter was established to encourage and sponsor research, as well as to develop nursing leadership and support nurse scholars. Faculty advisor Professor Marcia Gasper, (570) 422-3757.
  • Tau Sigma National Honor Society
    The purpose of Tau Sigma National Honor Society is to recognize the academic achievements of students transferring to ESU from another academic institution. Faculty advisor Jack Truschel, (570) 422-3164.

Media Organizations

  • Calliope (Literary Magazine)
    The club is an academic and social organization for English and English Education majors. It sponsors a lecture series, readings, trips, recognition receptions and coordinates activities with sigma Tau Delta, international English honor society. The club also publishes an annual literary magazine. Faculty advisor Professor Rick Madigan, (570) 422-3382 or go to
  • The Stroud Courier (Newspaper)
    The Stroud Courier is the campus newspaper published weekly by a staff selected from interested students. The newspaper covers campus issues and events. Faculty advisor Professor Fred Misurella, (570) 422-3395 or (570) 422-3395 or go to
  • WESS 90.3 FM
    WESS is the campus radio station operated by students. The 1350 watt FM station provides fine programming for the community in its role as an educational FM radio station. WESS is located at 90.3 FM on the radio dial. The club gives interested students experience in the various phases of radio broadcasting and presents a variety of programs. Faculty advisor Professor Robert McKenzie, (570) 422-3886 or go to

Special Interest Groups

  • Active Minds
    The mission of Active Minds is to raise awareness about mental health issues, reduce the stigma of mental health issues and to change the conversation about mental health. Faculty advisor Linda Van Meter, (570) 422-3277.
  • African-American Student Alliance
    The African American Student Alliance is a club founded to plan and organize social, cultural and educational activities in regard to the Black Experience for the mutual benefit, understanding and appreciation of the total campus community. Membership is open to any interested student. Faculty advisor Dr. Shannon Frystak, (570) 422-3262.
  • Anime Club
    The club studies and discusses the impact of Japanese culture, specifically anime, on American culture. Faculty advisor Cynthia Leernerts, (570) 422-3032.
  • Autism Speaks U
    Autism Speakers U is a campus chapter affiliate of Autism Speaks. The mission of the organization is to advocate for individuals with autism spectrum disorders through spreading awareness and building funds for research. Faculty advisor Rachel Wolf, 422-3929
  • Best Buddies
    The purpose of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by establishing one-to-one friendships with these individuals by matching with college student volunteers. Faculty advisor Dr. Domenico Cavaiuolo, (570) 422-3893.
  • Campus Activities Board
    The Campus Activities Board (CAB) offers enriching experiences. Students can help plan and produce events on campus. A wide range of opportunities exists for students to enhance creative thinking and leadership skills outside the classroom. Students may become involved in any of the following committees:
    Concerts Committee – plans a variety of popular music events throughout the year; Films Committee – selects the films shown monthly on Residence Life Cinema, in addition to planning special films fests featuring both new release and “classic films”; CoffeehouseCommittee – presents a series of professional comedy and musical acts in our University Center coffeehouse, Common Grounds; Out & About Committee – organizes a variety of bus trips to Broadway Shows, amusement parks, sporting eventsand other interesting locales; Special Events – plans programs for Welcome Week, Family Weekend and homecoming, as well as other fun activities throughout the year. Through CAB involvement students can take an active role in deciding what programs to bring to ESU. They experience the fun and satisfaction of taking an idea and turning it into a successful event. All students are encouraged to join, especially freshman and new students! Faculty advisor Christopher Bello, (570) 422-3055 or (570) 422-3396 or go to
  • Charity Water
    The purpose of Charity Water is to raise money and awareness regarding the water crisis in Africa. Faculty advisor Paul Wilson, 422-3212.
  • Chinese Club
    The purpose of the Chinese Club shall be to increase understanding and awareness of all facets of Chinese language, culture and history by planning and conducting activities appropriate to that purpose. Faculty advisor Donsheng Che, (570) 422-2731.
  • Christian Fellowship
    ESU Christian Fellowship is an evangelical campus ministry desiring to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the ESU campus community. Advisor: Dr. Pamela Kramer Ertel, 570-422-3377.
  • Colleges Against Cancer
    Colleges Against Cancer is a collaboration of students, faculty and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society in the East Stroudsburg University community. It serves as an organization that seeks to promote cancer education, advocacy and survivorship in order to help find a cure to cancer. Advisor Robert Moses, (570) 422-3138.
  • College Republicans
    The College Republicans are a group of students sharing and furthering the culture of the Republican Party with one another and the community through fellowship, extra-curricular activities and scholarship. Faculty advisor Jeff Weber, 422-3754.
  • DESI Student Organization
    The word Desi in Hindi means “People from the country (Desh).” “Desis” are referred to the people who have their cultural background from the countries of the Indian Sub-continent. The Desi students in East Stroudsburg University have joined to form a student representative organization which is committed to go by its motto – Unity in Diversity. The members of the organization represent countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan and the students who have deep ancestral roots in these countries. For more information, contact: Faculty advisor Pats Neelakantan, (570) 422-3002.
  • Enactus
    The organization strives to create economic opportunity for others while discovering their own potential through the principles of a free market economy, entrepreneurship, personal success skills and social responsibility. Faculty advisor Bonnie Green, (570) 422-3121.
  • Environmental Club
    The purpose of the Environment Club shall be the facilitation of environmental education and issue awareness on campus and in the local community. Faculty advisor Paul Wilson, 422-3212.
  • ESU Mini-Thon
    The purpose of ESU Min-Thon is to raise awareness and funds for children who are recovering from or battling pediatric cancer, while also providing students with the knowledge and practical experience of planning and executing an annual service project. Advisor, Sean Patrick Fourney, (570) 422-3222.
  • Feminist Alliance
    Feminist Alliance is an organization formed by women students to heighten campus awareness about women’s issues and to support a gender equitable climate. FA is actively involved in organizing consciousness raising events for campus and community, including the “Take Back the Night” March and the Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony. Faculty advisor Andrea McClanahan, (570) 422-3697.
  • Game Society
    The Game Society allows for networking, healthy competition, relaxation and social opportunities for those students with an interest in video games. Faculty advisor Ricard Otto, (570) 422-3528.
  • German Club
    The purpose of the German Club is to bring together a group of students interested in sharing and exploring German culture. The club will also try to promote interest in the German language and the traditions and customs of Germany and the people of Germany. Faculty advisor Dr. Aneka Meier, (570) 422-3403.
  • Habitat for Humanity
    The mission of the organization is to enable members of the East Stroudsburg University community to develop local and global communities with people in need by building and renovating houses in partnership with the Monroe County local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Advisor Melanie Deuerlein, (570) 422-2720.
  • International Students Organization
    The International Students Organization represents the international community of ESU. The purpose is to promote international understanding by developing programs through speakers, food tastings, dances and fashion shows. Students from over 30 countries are represented on campus. The ISO Club welcomes any student with international interest. Advisor Michael Laffey, (570) 422-3527.
  • Latin American Association
    The Latin American Association is a student-based organization designed to expand knowledge and understanding of the Hispanic culture among club members and the University. This organization works to enhance the community’s awareness of the history, language, customs and contributions of the people from Spanish-speaking countries. For more information, contact: Faculty advisor Professor Esther Daganzo-Cantens, (570) 422-3199.
  • Muslim Student Association
    The purpose of the Muslim Student Association is to serve the best interest of Islam and the Muslims of East Stroudsburg University and the local community. Towards that end, the Association shall: promote the unity of Muslims on campus; conduct social, cultural, religious and other activities/holidays in the best interest of Islam; arrange for proper place for Muslims to pray/worship; make Islamic teachings available to those interested. Faculty advisor Professor Nurun Begum, (570) 422-3371.
  • Outings Club
    The Outing Club sponsors a variety of outdoor recreation programs that are of interest to club members and the University community. Programs offered in the past include indoor and outdoor climbing, caving, skiing, and white water rafting. All programs are open to the entire campus community. Advisor Chuck Constantine, (570) 223-3334.
  • Phi Sigma Pi (National Honor Fraternity)
    Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity is a co-educational fraternity open to undergraduate students. Our purpose is to bring together some of the brightest and most motivated students on campus and work together in a spirit of excellence to encourage three ideals: The acquisition and dissemination of information and knowledge through scholarship; The application of professional skills and the fostering of leadership qualities by promoting and advancing the welfare of humanity; The fostering of non-discriminatory, fraternal fellowship within our ranks. Faculty advisor Dr. William Loffredo, (570) 422-3215 or go to
  • People Respecting Individual Differences in Education
    The organization’s purpose is to help foster an understanding of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) student issues as they relate to academic and social life, to promote a sense of community and to facilitate networking among LGBT students. This is done by providing fellowship with other students ested in LGBT issues; promoting equality, opportunity, and access to all levels of social and educational resources; training and educational activities; participating in programs sponsored by other ESU organizations and a other universities; and sponsoring social events for club members. For information, contact: Advisor C. Matthew Simmons, (570) 422-3614.
  • Residence Hall Association (RHA)
    The Residence Hall Association is the governing body for all residence hall students. The Association is made up of the President and one other student representative from each of the Residence Hall Councils. The duties of RHA consists of formulating and recommending policies relating to the welfare of the residence hall students, the planning and executing of funds allocated by the Student Senate, the planning of social, educational and community service programs for residence hall students, and the dissemination of the policies and programs that affect the group. Advisor Jeter Smith, (570) 422-3123. More information and forms.
  • Rotaract
    The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for students to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of the community and promote better relations between all people. The club will be a “partner in service” of the family of Rotary in spreading the Rotarian message of “service above self”. Faculty advisor Emily Sauers, 422-3818.
  • Sign Language Club
    The purpose of the Sign Language Club is to learn and review sign language, interact with the deaf community, develop understanding of the deaf culture through community service. Faculty advisor Dr. Susan Dillmuthg-Miller, (570) 422-3684.
  • Society of Leadership and Success
    The Society for Leadership and Success is part of a nationwide community that dramatically improves one’s ability to successfully attain personal goals and outcomes while strengthening leadership skills and abilities. The Society guides individuals through the process of identifying and committing to focused and dedicated actions that lead to their personal success. Society members participate in a variety of programs and small group activities to help guide their development. Advisor Jazmyn Pulley
  • Veterans of ESU
    The purpose of the organization shall be, first and foremost, to ensure that veterans, active duty personnel, reservists and their families are receiving all benefits entitled to them and to ensure a contact to readjustment counseling should they feel the need. Secondly, our purpose is to provide a fellowship of like-minded individuals in order to create a network of students and successful alumni in order to provide professional and leadership development. Faculty advisor Professor Jeffrey Weber, (570) 422-3754.
  • Warrior Elite
    The purpose of Warrior Elite is to instill pride and tradition within the ESU Student Body. We strive to encourage positive interaction among students, alumni, and guests of the University as well as foster a sense of class affinity and college spirit. Advisor Abby Behrends, 422-3194