WESS Advisor

Rob McKenzie
WESS Advisor




Keepin’ it in the 70s with major cords, a thumping bass, rap-tap-tapping drums, all formed around a rhythm guitar.




Steve Krawitz

I host and produce two programs, both airing live on Saturday mornings. In reverse order of their real-time, live broadcast, they are: Jazz for the Common Man: 3 Hours of the best in Jazz from the venerable veterans to emerging artists. First hour–assorted artists and styles; Second hour–the Complete Jazz Album set; Third hour–reserved for listener requests: 570.422.3133 or 3134. The program has aired regularly since 1983 from 0900-noon ET.



Jeff “Bones” Quake Sports Director

Jeff Quake is a Senior here at ESU, majoring in Communications. WESS Radio is a huge part of his life where he can express his compassionate for radio and sports. From Glenmoore, PA, Jeff is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan who grew up loving hockey and baseball. Tune in on Saturdays from 11-12 and Sundays 12-1 for       his show RPF Hockey




Dj ShaE

Dj ShaE

Description: DJ ShaE (with an E) is a Communications/Broadcasting Major Junior here at ESU and this is her fifth semester with us. She is the co-host for the show “2 Copper Coins, 1 hour to Empower” which airs every Monday from 6pm to 7pm. This show provides inspirational messages along with great music from different genres and so much more, want to be inspired? Tune in!



DJ Cookie

Twitter : @djcookie729
Instagram: DJCookie729

 DJ Cookie is a spring 2016 Graduate of ESU and a current employee. She host the “It Is What It Is” show which airs every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm. This show provides different facts/opinions on the many topics of today’s world. It also provides great music from          different genres and so much more. Tired of the same old selection? Tune in.


Liz Roberts

Liz Roberts Business Director

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LIZ_be_honestx

Liz Roberts, the News Director here at WESS, is a Sophomore, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting. She is also the Marketing Chair for the Campus Activity Board, here at ESU. She is from Harleysville, PA, and enjoys going to concerts. Be sure to catch her show “Sound Check” with her co-host Ian Brown on Wednesdays from 3-5pm. Follow Sound Check on twitter @SoundCheckWESS!


Jill 3

Jillian Deiley

Jillian ‘Jill’ Deiley is DJ Deiley Coyote on the 90.3 fm WESS airwaves! She majors in communications with focus in broadcasting and mass media. Raised in Leesport Pennsylvania, she enjoys roller disco, walking her dog, Attacus, and rockin’ out to rock music both timeless and cutting edge. She joins Greg Curtis on their New Music Block Tuesdays from 9-10pm and howls solo on her own show, Dark Side of the Tunes, Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm. Be sure to follow her on twitter @DJDeileyCoyote for more music, playlists and awesome retweets



Shane Adamson

Shane Adamson
Training Director

Shane is the current Sports Director at WESS radio, majoring in Communication Studies in Broadcasting. Aside from broadcasting live ESU sporting events, he runs the Rush Hour Sports, Wednesdays from 5-6pm. He also joins Greg Curtis to argue his opinions on Hangin’ Bang Tuesday’s from 7-8pm.





Rick Franzo

Rick Franzo is a WESS Alumni, having been a DJ while at ESU in the mid to late 80’s. He is the host of Catch The Brain Wave, one of the only shows on the planet focusing on brain tumors and brain cancers airing Fridays from 6-7pm. Rick is a 2x brain tumor survivor, and works for Barnes & Noble College Bookstore on the campus of ESU.



DJ Josh/ Program Director


Josh Coleman is a legend from Greek mythology who decided to descend from mount Olympus to host a couple of radio shows.  If not at the radio station you’ll find him destroying villages that haven’t offered their monthly sacrifice.






Susie Forrester

Susie Forrester is a local freelance and fine art photographer, currently shooting for ESU. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Susie came to the Poconos to attend ESU, back in the day. A Sociology / Criminal Justice major, she took a photography class in her senior year…and this changed the direction of her life. Susie has shown her work nationally and has been published in fine art photography journals. Check out her websites: susieforresterphotography and forresterphoto.com. She also posts pictures on her Twitter @Seemore7 and Instagram as susie_forrester  She plays cutting edge new music like The Bots, to punk rock like The Clash, to classic favorites from Bob Dylan to The Talking Heads. Check out her show Zen Arcade, Tuesdays from 1-2pm.



Melissa Valentovic

Melissa Valentovic

Melissa (DJ Ice) is a senior Communications Studies major with a double concentration in Broadcasting and Public Relations. She joins DJ Yolo Thursdays from 7-9 PM. You can find them on there Twitter @BROHAHA_WESS





Vince Gervasi

Vince is the Program Director and also a Junior double majoring in Digital Media Technologies and Communication. Vince loves everyone and loves everything. Vince hopes to be a television producer some day in his media career. He is excited about his position and loves WESS and ESU!
Twitter @InternetVince
Instagram @InternetVince





Facebook: Katelyn Schulze
Twitter: k_atie13_
Instagram: k_atie13_

Junior majoring in Communication. Lover of the earth, hiking and kayaking. Avid concert goer who enjoys all the jams. Grateful to have found WESS and the radio scene. Check out The Appalachian Get Down Tuesday’s 10-11pm and DJ’s of the Round Table Wednesday’s 10-11pm!


DJ Max, Social Media Director

Jounior majoring in Communication, focused on broadcasting. Host of “Nashville, PA” Monday mornings at 2-4. Long Island born and raised. Lucky to have been introduced to WESS and all the wonderful people who are a part of it. Lover of baseball and country music. Also annalist on “Around the burg” Friday’s 1-3.

Twitter: @MLutzkerESU
Instagram: @max_lutzker




DJ Bill, Internet Director

Junior and a Communication major with a concentration in Broadcasting. A Former Athlete and have loved sports my whole life, mainly Football, Basketball, and Track and Field. Host of the Top Sports Show at WESS “Couch Coaches” on Friday nights from 7-8 pm. Also an analyst on the show “Around The Burg” on Fridays from 1-3 pm.







DJ Fernando Alcántar

Fernando Alcántar is public speaker and author of the book, To the Cross and Back: An Immigrant’s Journey from Faith to Reason. He has led social justice programs around the world and speaks around the country on issues of equality, human rights, and activism. He is Currently of Student Engagement at East Stroudsburg University. You can learn more about him at his website: www.gospelofreason.com Devil’s Advocate is a weekly radio show that tackles contemporary topics of politics and social issues with guests on both sides of the aisle, including powerful voices which represent the colorful spectrum of diversity that make up the American family.vism. He currently serves as the Director




DJ Anja Whitehead

Hi! My name is Anja Whitehead and I’m a senior here at ESU studying digital media and technologies and a minor in communication! Though I’m a student I also work at WNEP the news station as an Assignment Editor and Web Director. I’m verry passionate about News, Photography, and Travel!  I have two shows here at WESS, What the Funk?! And Anja’s Average Show! I like to play Alternative and Pop Punk music and I can have a conversation with anyone about anything! Be sure to stop by and say hi!





DJ Borealis

DJ Borealis is currently a junior at the station who runs two shows currently: The Show Must Go On & Throwback Thursday. Tune in on Wednesdays at 2pm and Thursdays at 10am. DJ Borealis loves photography, nature, and his kitten Precious.





DJ Kyle O’Rourke

Kyle O’Rourke, or DJ Sealing, is a freshman, a Digital Media Technologies major, and is very passionate about video production. He’s a memester who feels the need to make puns, and is the only person who, instead of showing the picture of a meme, will act it out and create a voice to it. In addition to his trashy vocal transitions to play music, is his equally trashy taste in screamo music and his emo appearance. He has a show called “the Doghouse” with, the blue-haired turd, Becca Mullen, or DJ Ruuff, on Thursdays at 8pm.


DJ Becca Mullen

Becca Mullen, or DJ Ruuff, is a freshman and a Marine Science major with a minor in Digital Media Technologies. She likes any genre of music, but feels the need to bully her co-host, DJ Sealing, on his music taste. Ruuff is a very lonely, antisocial anime weeb that feels the need to force people to “peer-edit” her very grammatically incorrect essays until 3 in the morning. Her show called “the Doghouse” with, the edgy-emo, Kyle O’Rourke, or DJ Sealing, is on Thursdays at 8pm.