WESS DJs Spring 2014:



Brian Silva
Training Director

Brian Silva is a sophomore studying Communications at ESU. He is the current Training Director here at WESS Radio, and runs the show “Brian on Broadway”, the show brings you several different cast recordings from the many New York Broadway Shows through out the years as well as updated news of all things Broadway. You can catch this one-of-a-kind FM show Mondays from 1-3pm on WESS Radio!








DirtyFINGERS is the host of “The FUNKtion” which airs Friday nights from 11:00pm to 1:00am.  The show features new music, current hits and classic records from the global urban music diaspora. Tune in or Log on to “The FUNKtion” for exclusive tracks and new releases from the best artists in Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, Reggae, Zouk, Soca, Merengue, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Pop, House, UK Bashment, Funk and Rock all mixed (party style) by DirtyFINGERS. DirtyFINGERS.podomatic.com






Cory Nidoh
Sports Director

Cory Nidoh voices his opinions on the biggest stories in the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL, on “Rush hour Sports.” Tune in to get a different view on topics that are taking the sports nation by storm, Wednesdays from 3 to 4 pm. Cory’s second show “Country with Cory” can be heard Wednesday from 4 to 6pm.







Melenie Rodriguez

Melenie is a Communications major here at ESU, and she has been with WESS for a year and plays R&B on her show “Heart 2 Heart.”








Sara Solares
Education Director

Sara is a sophomore at ESU. She is the Education Director here at WESS and plays classic rock, metal, metalcore, pop punk and pop on her show Pop Rok Radio!








Jill Monica Station Manager

Jill Monica
Station Manager

Jill hosts the show “Voodoo Child” that takes you on a psychedelic journey back into the 60’s and 70’s every Wednesday night from 10 pm – 11 pm. She is currently a senior at ESU studying Communication and the Station Manager for WESS. Her show is all about good vibes and jamming to music your parents raised you with \m/






Reed Millard
Program Director

Reed is a senior at ESU and is studying Communications, they’re currently the Program Director here at WESS. Reed has been with the station for 4 years and you can catch them on their show “Brohaha”.









Kelly Walsh
Vintage Radio Archivist

Kelly Walsh is a junior at ESU and a Digital Media Technologies major. She has been a DJ at WESS for two years now and you can find her on her show “Power Hour” going by her DJ alias Mona June.








Kara Fleck
Music Director

Kara Fleck (DJ Clutch) is the co-host of ‘BROHAHA’ Thursdays from 9 to 11pm! She is a senior here at ESU majoring Digital Media Technology, with a focus in Photography. Her show is a Mix&Match of different genre’s of music and talking segments from ‘This Week On Tumblr’ to ‘All Of The Awards’ and ‘What Grinds My Gears’. She is the Music Director this year at WESS and has been apart of this station for the past 3 years.









You can tune into “Uchi Experience” from 10 to 11pm on Tuesday nights. Uchi plays everything from party music to electronic dance.









Chris Symonds

Chris Symonds is the DJ of “The Motherload” and “The Blacklist” playing everything from R & B and soul music to pop rock. You can catch him with his co-host B-Boy as the duo talks about life, music, and much more.








Steve Krawitz

Steve has 2 shows here at WESS, “Alternating Currents” and “Jazz for the Common Man.” Steve’s shows air back to back 8am to 9am and 9am to 12pm respectively on Saturday mornings.








Rob McKenzie
WESS Adviser

Rob is a Professor of Communication Studies at ESU, and is also the University Adviser to WESS Radio. He has hosted “The Talk Show” and “Stones Hour” on WESS for over 20 years.









B-Boy Brandon

B-Boy Brandon is relatively new to the station but has made a big splash with his 2 shows, “Motherload”on Tuesdays from 12 to 3pm and “Uchi entertainment” Fridays from 6 to 8pm.










Deano is studying Psychology here at ESU, he has been with the station for 2 years. You can tune into to Deano’s show “Island Vybez” Fridays from 4pm-6pm.








Patrick McGee Internet Director

Patrick McGee
Internet Director

Patrick McGee is a DJ of the Monday night show, “Wild Card Hour” running from 10-11pm. In his unscripted show, normally accompanied by DJ MattyB or a guest, discussions are held about current issues, media, the internet, technology and anything else that comes into discussion. He also plays dubstep/edm and rock in-between on-air discussions.







Mason Allen Buskirk

Mason Allen Buskirk

Mason Allen Buskirk is a Communications major and a freshman attending East Stroudsburg University. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, he has traveled to many parts of the world, including China, Japan, Canada, and will soon see Great Britain. He loves poetry, literature, sports, traveling, and classical music.







Matthew Booth

Matthew Booth

Matthew Booth is the host of the Kandi Hour, running on Mondays from 11pm-12am, on his show he usually plays various Dubstep, k-pop and Chinese music and engages in discussion with DJ McGee and other guests.







Jordan McCoonse

Jordan McCoonse

Jordan McCoonse is DJ Jam in “The Soundwave” which is on Mondays from 8pm-10pm playing a variety of music! Catch her on her twitter! https://twitter.com/DJ_JAM24








Amanda Woods Business Director

Amanda Woods
Business Director

Amanda Woods is DJ Tsunami in “The Soundwave” playing a variety of music from 8pm-10pm on Mondays. Here is her twitter! https://twitter.com/DJTsunami13








large_Lexie Peveraro

Lexie Peveraro

Lexie Peveraro is a Junior at ESU and has been a part of WESS since her freshman year. Live With Lexie is a fun and entertaining show with different music genres every week. Music can vary from hip-hop, R&B, old school 90s, alternative rock or music from Billboards Top 100.  She has a “Did You Know” section that gives you the latest and most interesting facts. Live With Lexie airs every Monday from 12pm -1pm!






Melissa Valentovic

Melissa Valentovic

Melissa (DJ Ice) is a sophomore Communications Studies major with a double concentration in Broadcasting and Public Relations. She is the newest addition to Brohaha where she joins DJ Swag and DJ Clutch Thursdays from 9-11 PM.







DJ Shae

DJ Shae

DJ Shae (with an E) is a sophomore here at ESU and this is her second semester with us. She is the co-host for the show “2 Copper Coins, 1 hour to Empower” which airs every Monday from 6pm to 7pm. This show provides inspirational messages along with great music from different Genres.






DJ Cookie

DJ Cookie

DJ Cookie is a junior here at ESU and this is her second semester with us. She is the co-host for the show “2 Copper Coins, 1 hour to Empower” which airs every Monday from 6pm to 7pm. This show provides inspirational messages along with great music from different Genres.








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Amanda Amodeo

Amanda (DJ Yolo) is an Art & Design major with a concentration in Graphic Design from Middletown, NJ. She joins DJ’s Clutch, Swag, and Ice on BROHAHA which airs Thursday nights from 9-11 PM. You can find us on our twitter: https://twitter.com/BROHAHA_WESS