ESU Honors Two Faculty as Distinguished Professors

Elaine Shuey and Peter Pruim distinguished professors

Posted by: Elizabeth Richardson on September 9, 2020, No Comments

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania presented its annual Distinguished Professor Awards to Peter Pruim, Ph.D., professor of philosophy and religious studies, and Elaine Shuey, Ph.D., professor of communication sciences and disorders, during a virtual all-university meeting on Tuesday, September 8.

The Distinguished Professor Award – the highest honor for ESU faculty to receive – is presented based on outstanding contributions to the academic life of the University and its reputation. The award of Distinguished Professor is conferred upon an individual by the ESU Interim President, Kenneth Long, in recognition of exceptional achievements in teaching, research/scholarship/creative activities, and service.

Dr. Pruim joined the ESU faculty in 1997 and is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies. He epitomizes the idea of a Distinguished Professor. He is an accomplished scholar, an engaging teacher, and a welcome presence everywhere in the ESU community. Every interaction, whether with individuals or groups on campus, creates educational opportunities for Dr. Pruim. His wit and sense of humor only make these encounters more memorable for all who touch his orbit.

He is one of the most respected teachers on campus, both according to his colleagues and his students. He approaches his classes with the same enthusiasm, whether they are honors classes or First Year Experience classes. He makes every effort to reach EVERY student. He is an expert in so many fields, but he has that intuitive ability to understand the value of getting to know every student. The range of subjects Dr. Pruim has taught is, perhaps, without equal.

His scholarship runs the gamut. He has maintained serious scholarship and activity in his philosophical organizations but has also been critical in developing materials for the FYE courses at ESU. Even as an accomplished philosophical scholar, he has explored the role of teaching in his writing. His natural inquisitiveness knows no bounds.

Dr. Pruim’s service to the ESU campus and beyond is well known. He helped bring Noam Chomsky to our campus, has served on numerous committees, helped develop the “One Book, One Campus” program, and has directed the University Honors Program since 2006.

Through all of this, Dr. Pruim maintains an incredible humility. He relishes intellectual dialogue because everyone, including himself, can grow and learn. He celebrates the accomplishments of others. He works behind the scenes to support students and colleagues, seeking no credit to himself. For all these reasons, Dr. Pruim exemplifies the ideals associated with being a Distinguished Professor.

Since her appointment in 1984, Elaine Shuey made ESU’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders one of the top programs at our university and beyond. Since 2006 she has served as department chair. She was part of the team that developed the highly successful Master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology. Since 1992, she coordinated the Gerontology Concentration. A driving force behind the creation of these highly respected programs was a strong desire to weave coursework with the neighboring community. She was instrumental in helping to design the Monroe Hall facilities of the ESU’s Speech and Hearing Center. The clinic provides valuable hearing, speech and language assessments, and therapies for the ESU community and beyond and also serves as an excellent clinical practice site for ESU students. Her desire to educate and serve people of all ages is without equal.

Dr. Shuey’s scholarly activity includes, most recently, two book chapters. Hearing Aids and Pizza, A Hands­ on Approach to Teaching About Aging (2018) and Speech-Language Pathology, Today’s Health Professions, Working together to Provide Quality Care (2016). She presents regularly at the state and national level. She has averaged two national/state presentations per year for the past nine years with up to four presentations in specific years. Her presentation topics are broad and she often includes graduate and undergraduate students in her projects. She has her students engage in scholarship both through presentations and thesis. She also chaired multiple thesis committees and was a member of numerous others.

Dr. Shuey is active in her state, regional, and national associations and often serves in leadership roles. She was awarded the Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, 2015 Galley of Hope Honoree for breast cancer survivors and was recognized at ESU’s Student Athlete Celebration in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Dr. Shuey is also active in the community. She represented ESU as a member of the Antoine Dutot School and Museum for over 30 years, is a member of her church choir, and substitute organist.  Dr. Shuey is responsible for the name given to the SPCA of Monroe County, which is now referred to as AWSOM. Her passion for animals is well known. She is an incredibly generous individual both with her time and financial support. She quietly donates regularly to the Warrior Food Pantry and makes frequent donations to charities.  She does all of these things quietly, never looking for any recognition.

The Distinguished Professor Committee finds her contributions in teaching, scholarship, and service to be outstanding. Yet certain traits elevate her to the level of Distinguished Professor.  She combines meaningful community interaction with educational opportunities. She is a demanding, thoughtful teacher who celebrates the accomplishments of her students and colleagues. She is humble and prefers that others receive recognition. She is an exceptional colleague and citizen in the wider community.