ESU’s Band Director Ready to Strike All the Right Notes for Students this Fall

Posted by: Elizabeth Richardson on July 7, 2020, No Comments

Dr. Brian Hodge is among those most eager for the Fall semester to get underway at East Stroudsburg University because he’ll be striking up the Warrior Marching Band to welcome students back to campus and take their place supporting Warrior initiatives. Hodge, the director of university bands and choir, will be busy all summer long writing musical selections and making plans that will allow the band to make a positive impact on the long-awaited opening of campus, all while keeping performers safe and protected during the ongoing reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Some colleges and universities are sadly not planning to utilize their marching bands this fall at all,” notes Dr. Hodge. “At ESU, we currently have about 40 students planning on returning to the Warrior Marching Band. We’re working over the summer to write music and design the shows that we’ll bring into performances starting in September. I know the students are excited to return. It’s a tight-knit group who love performing music and bringing excitement in everything we do. I’m very hopeful that there will be others, especially new or current students, who want to share their talents and perform for our ESU and regional communities and to become part of our band family.”

According to Hodge, students participating in ESU’s Marching Band will come back to campus on the morning of August 24th to begin practicing together, noting that there won’t be significant changes in what they do or how they deliver their performances.

“We’ll be practicing our music and our movement during camp as well as building ties with safe social events for our students to enjoy,” says Hodge. “Students will be at least six feet apart for every session, given that we’ll be working on the University’s practice fields with space to spare between each band member. We’re even working on face masks and specialized face shields which can be used while playing – our top priority is the safety of our students. Before and after rehearsals and performances, we’ll be introducing more rigorous sanitization practices for the instruments and students. We have made the decision that these ensembles are important not only for our audiences but also for the students themselves, and we will make sure we are doing all we can to protect our students and audiences as we perform.”

ESU students interested in joining the ESU Marching Band may contact Hodge at for more specific information and details.