ESyou Honoree: Dr. Kelly McKenzie

Posted by: admin on December 4, 2017, No Comments

Dr. Kelly McKenzieIn an effort to recognize faculty and staff members for their outstanding service, Dr. Welsh has launched the ESyou campaign beginning with the fall semester, 2013. Each month during the academic year, the ESyou campaign will feature a different faculty or staff member who has demonstrated excellence in student-centered service. The purpose of the campaign is to showcase those employees who make an impact on our students every day, and for the students to get to know them.

Congratulations to our next honoree, Dr. Kelly McKenzie, Assistant Professor of Academic Enrichment & Learning. When you see Dr. McKenzie or any of our honorees around campus this year, please recognize their exemplary service by introducing yourself and thanking them personally. There is no greater acknowledgment!

  • Dr. McKenzie motivates students to reach their potential.
  • She is always so willing to help students obtain the resources needed to succeed.
  • Dr. McKenzie researches and explores many different topics for the benefit of students.