Graduate Student Blazes Path to Success

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Blaise Delfino is a busy man. If you’re lucky enough to run into him on ESU’s campus, he’ll either be studying for a speech-language pathology exam, writing a song, or working on his latest invention. There is a lot going on in the young professional’s life, and he is managing to make it work flawlessly.

At a young age, Delfino was immersed in the musical arts. His father taught him how to play the drums at five years old. As he got older, Delfino intensely practiced his instruments, discovering new ones along the way. Eventually, he learned how to play the saxophone and guitar. His abundant knowledge of music and instrumental skills helped him to become a self-taught pianist and singer/songwriter. Though music was a crucial part in his life, he gravitated toward other hobbies.

“In high school I was all sports. I played football, baseball and basketball,” said Delfino. “The music thing came as a huge surprise to my parents and me.”

Surprise or not, Delfino definitely has talent. In years prior, connections and talent helped him gain recognition for his work.

“I came in contact with an artist’s tour manager who needed someone to open for her — I said yes,” said Delfino.

The singer happened to be platinum selling artist JoJo. In the early 2000s, she was popularized through her hit song “Leave, Get Out.” JoJo’s career expanded when she starred in the movie “RV” with the late Robin Williams.

After singing alongside one of the business’s hottest entertainers, Delfino went on to sing with other artists such as Teddy Geiger.

“I have been really blessed. It’s been an amazing experience,” he said. “Opening for such wonderful artists really helped spawn my career.”

After completing his bachelor’s degree at East Stroudsburg University, he took a year off to work on his speech-language pathology clinical skills and audio engineering. During that time, he also focused on his music and created music videos that currently have over 20,000 views on YouTube.

“The music and being in the speech pathology field helped encourage my desire to bring something more to the audiology field,” said Delfino.

Delfino attended the American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA) Convention in Orlando. During his time there, he was able to meet with AHAA’s CEO, Vince Russomango.

“Mr. Russomango explained how the bigger stores are able to take the fear and negative stigma away from buying hearing aids,” he said. “Consumers are now able to purchase them next to the gummy bears.”

Months later, Delfino had his own “aha” moment.

“I thought to myself, how can I take the fear and stigma away from people looking to buy hearing protection?” said Delfino.

After deciding to create comfortable hearing plugs, the first thing Delfino had to do was decide on a “hip” name, one that would demolish any preconceived notions. After weeks of deliberating, he settled on “Fader Plugs.”

“I really want to make a product that resonates with people. I truly believe in this product,” he said.

Now at 24 years old, Delfino may be working at the ESU Innovation Center with Imperial Design, a 3-D solutions company, to create a prototype for Fader Plugs. After he completes the master’s program at ESU, Delfino wants to open his own practice and continue to write and play music.

“Honestly I just want people to know that with hard work comes success. If you’re willing to try and give it your all, you will see results,” said Delfino.