Provost’s Colloquium Series Presents a Talk on: Recognizing Human Presence in a Technological Age: Being, Bodies, and Invocation

Posted by: Elizabeth Richardson on February 7, 2019, No Comments

The East Stroudsburg University’s Provost’s Colloquium Series, an intellectual experience that promotes dialogue among ESU faculty, staff, students, and community continues with a presentation by Margaret Mullan, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication. The presentation “Recognizing Human Presence in a Technological Age: Being, Bodies, and Invocation” will take place on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in Beers Lecture Hall.

Dr. Mullan’s talk explores challenges people experience in their interpersonal encounters in a technological age. People may exchange messages without having shared an encounter with the other person, experiencing what author Sherry Turkle describes as being “alone together”. The struggles to recognize human presence present challenges for real communication. Twentieth century French philosopher, Gabriel Marcel, describes modern technology as presenting significant changes for how we interact with one another: changes that have brought distancing and alienation. This colloquium presentation allows time for reflection upon how audience members recognize human presence as beings, as bodies, and as invocation. Amid communication challenges, people seek being co-present to one another even while navigating our technological world.

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