WEDnetPA –ESU to allocate $295,036 in Workforce Training Grants for 2019-2020

Posted by: Elizabeth Richardson on August 5, 2019, No Comments

East Stroudsburg University’s Career and Workforce Development office received a $295,036 training grant for fiscal year 2019-20 to support workforce training through the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA). WEDnetPA funding is provided by the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

The WEDnetPA Program provides qualified companies with funds to train their employees in essential skills up to $600 per eligible employee and in technology skills up to $1,200 per eligible employee. Companies may qualify for a total of $75,000 for essential skills and $50,000 for technical skills training. Funding is available primarily to manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology-based industries including financial, biotech and environmental-tech companies.

“No other investment yields a greater return than the investment in training. A trained workforce is the foundation of every company. WEDnet is your free investment tool,” said Daria Wielebinski, assistant director of the office of career and workforce development and ESU’s WEDnetPA partner. “Qualified companies interested in applying for these funds are encouraged to submit their applications to be considered for this year’s allocation.”

WednetPA Eligibility Requirements:

  • Employers must be located in Pennsylvania
  • Employees must earn at least 150 percent of current federal minimum wage, excluding benefits
  • Trainees must be permanent full-time employees and eligible for full-time benefits
  • Participation is limited to two years in a row and three out of the past five years
  • Inpatient healthcare facilities, including primary-care hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities and rehabilitation centers are eligible for essential skills training.
  • Outpatient healthcare facilities, including home health care, hospice, doctor’s offices, specialty centers, clinics, pharmacies, assisted living facilities and retirement homes are not
  • Point-of-sale retail businesses, gaming establishments, travel, hospitality and tourism entities, employment agencies, government agencies, government owned facilities, educational institutions, training vendors and non-profit entities are not eligible.

WEDnetPA’s mission is to build and strengthen employee productivity in

Pennsylvania’s workforce by supporting training that will put employees on a path to higher performance. Companies identify their training needs and select their training providers. Training can occur on-line, in a traditional classroom with instruction facilitated by a third party, or conducted by in-house staff.

ESU is a certified WEDnetPA partner authorized to apply for funding on behalf of qualified companies. For additional information visit, or contact Wielebinski at 570-422-3282 or